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USA Death Squads on Targeted Individuals (Some of what Gang Stalking is…)

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Message to Americans – A Critical Appraisal


  1. Read what God has to say of such evil deeds.

  2. This is happening to me and my husband, we have become target with scalar rays, and frequency attacks, ranging from low elf to high frequency causing serious health effects, insomnia headaches, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, bee like stings, and false implanted dreams, we are under attack through smart meters, cell-towers, transponders, and satellites, we have been suffering from these attacks for about 2 years now, it has caused us to have to sleep inside a faraday cage, and use argen mesh material, we are warning our neighbors and have discovered they too are having some of these attacks. I tell everyone to build a faraday cage to keep from being brain mapped.. This is it folks we are all under surveillance by the powers of the Military complex who work for the elite, and are in fact a 4th branch of Government..

    • All of it falls under SKYNET (Solar Warden) robotics (A.I.) with cellphones (smart phones connected to cell towers) through those smart-meters, Chemtrails (as a medium) & HAARP over-kill working with GMOs. They are determined to make sure that none of us survive the coming pole-shift. I hope you two have a bugout bag, food and water, lighters etc. Be prepared friend. Have you seen the NASA papers yet? If not, go to

  3. I’m a target, too. I have experienced the stings, and being put in a deep sleep so these messed up creeps can break into my house. They have must have these things in my house that sting me and poison my food. I feel like I’m being watched all the time. I know I’ve been followed and people walk by me and whistle…just like the crazy janitor did at my school. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anything work against the stings? Being put into a deep sleep? I have the strangers dreams with them. Protecting my food from Being poisoned?

    • Leslie, I’m there and have been. Well, its in the literal-air spraying us with Chemtrails filled with trillions of nanobots, nano sensors and smart-dust… chemtrails is the medium for direct energy weapons. Combine this with kinetic weaponization of our smart meters and electric, various cellphone towers and gwen/ELF towers, add UAVs (hovering above and around overhead) and UAS(atellites), and now drones (reaper and predatory) the best one can do is the following:

      Get REFLECTEX and lined rubber (mats, rolls etc) from or Lowes/Home Depot. Cut to fit over inside electric box–tape several layers together, tape over box. Next, do the same for exterior round sides of smart meter. Wrap wiring. If you can, ground with alligator clip attached to copper wiring… detox with colloidal silver and copper (ebay or amazon kits) make at home.

      Its in the air… in our homes, clothing, in other, all the nano and smart-dust, and much more. Keep your food covered with hard plastic or aluminum foil.

      They’re watching every one of us. (The Watchers) as their one-eye godhead shows on the back of a dollar bill, above the pyramid (A.I.). Those breaking in are all AI entrained (artificial intelligence) by a super computer, if you can wrap your thinking around it.

      If you can walk outside, stand in the grass or sidewalk barefoot for natural grounding. Show no fear. If you catch one of them, try rebuking, renouncing it/them in the name of Christ, then order them back to the pits or abyss.

      There’s nothing in your home other than smart dust and nano. You might want to try (if you can afford) an ionizer. Also, cut reflectex to fit your windows and doors (to outside). it does help a bit. If you have a cellphone, go to settings–turn on airplane mode. Turn if off and wrap up and or place in microwave over, when not in use and sleeping. Try it. If you live near others (congested area) they’re bouncing off others cellphones.

      I have the same problem. Leave the door open or go out, drive w/the window (even) cracked, and still they get in (in the air). We’re saturated by them.

      The global NWO elite are luciferian, satanist, different than you and me. They’re psychopaths, insane. They want all of us gone.

      Save your money; don’t buy a meter. Its coming from the entire beast system smart-grid even cloud computers as Jade helm SKYNET (yes) using a secret space program. Can’t make these things up.

      Personally, I walked into their attacks, turned the wind ’round, showed bravery in the face of this storm. Try it. Its empowering. They feed off our fears. Let me know Leslie.

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