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Techniques Used on Victims of Harassment: Objects and Colors

Techniques Used by COINTELPRO: Objects and Colors

This case Balls all the time, strewn about all the time.

The use of colors and objects is always mentioned in current years, and prior used for the systematically destruction of a victim. Let’s explore some common reasons behind this. I can not stress enough, I am not a professional, rather a victim of this. So, I believe I can speak of this from that standpoint.

1. Constant tossing of objects, laid strategically out on a lawn, in this case balls.
2. Constant placement of objects of the same color (Red, Blue, Black).

The Color Red

Later these colors will be used when asking the teams and task force trainees in the form of vehicle group (stalking) known as assessment tagging. Someone, sometime ago began using/pushing the term ‘Gang Stalking.’ It is this authors opinion it was done so by perpetrators for the sad reasons of causing the victim to appear delusional, mentally disturbed, so those asked to do this to the victim, will assume the victim is just that.

3. To drive the victim away. The victim has already been victimized by a system (hospital, lawyer, high-ranking govt friend/co-worker/employer/activist/neighbor/liability to a local lawsuit/political opponent/religious) whatever the reasons (there are many). Regrettably, his form of harassment only adds fuel to the perpetrator of said victim, causing any color & object related later in the harassment campaign to be seen by the victim as ‘heighten.’

4. Said area resident(s) want the home of the victim ‘cheap.’ By constantly using this form of harassment, combined with any other form i.e. noises/overt to covet weaponry and community policing, is destructive to the victim. Before long the victim sells their home at a give-away loosing not just their beloved home, but more monies. Try to imagine how you would feel. Think of putting yourself in the victims shoes. What if others treated you like this and they brought back any form of harassment that connected directly with the loss of your deceased loved-one? How would you feel, and act, after repeated forms of harassment.

I really hope these posts are seen by willing participant so they may realize that however trivial these ‘small actions’ are to them, it’s not to the victim. All of these small acts really do combine with the bigger campaigns perpetrated behind the scenes, and do in fact directly contribute [to what the willing participants of this form of harassment are asked to do to the targeted person] to ‘behind the scenes’ cruel and inhumane victimization. If one combines all forms of harassment and rethinks that maybe more is going on, and the truth is not revealed to even them, maybe they’d think twice before participating.

It is destructive to the victim. Do you want to participate in this? Don’t you want to know the truth?

I’m going to write next about bogus heart-attack level surveillance, entitled ‘The Never-Ending Investigation: Bogus Surveillance under the Guise of Silencing and Discrediting of said the Victim.’

Note: These forms of harassment were used (historically) by the FBI and KKK. The Church Committee was an investigative team organized by Congress to cease COINTELPRO, which in all forms is illegal. President Clinton apologized, yet this brewed, apparently, in the background and continued used for destroying one’s opponent or someone deemed by a powerful entity a target of harassment, to silence, disablement of that person’s reputation in full. Sadly, this has become and epidemic and out of control because today the use of harsh, lethal weapons are being used now. No longer are guns and trucks and nooses the norm, rather its ‘non-lethal-weapons,’ also seen as ‘less-than-lethal weaponry.

Any community weapon with the word ‘Lethal’ should be reevaluated. How does any weapon i.e. ‘lethal’ however non/less contribute to the betterment of society? This is harmful and would be if it were suddenly used against one of their family members. Since it appears to now be used as a norm, don’t think these weapons won’t someday be pointed at one of your children or grandchildren. It’s implausible to think any differently.

Is this the kind of future you want for your young family members? Even more sad, this is being used against those in the late 40s, 50s, 60s and those approaching 70s. Why?

These things happen when a country is engulfed in too much fear and oppression i.e. Terrorism, Crime, Neighborhood Watches, Children dressed in military attire for the betterment of what? In America?

Its called Propaganda. I will write about this as well in later postings.


  1. I’m not getting you. Are you saying they literally put balls and colors around people to victimize them? What am I missing here?

    • Yes, balls, red gas cans, blue 55 gallon drums (reminding me of how my husband died), yellow bright gurney (after a ritual praying to the moon) (I can’t make this kind of stuff up) if I tried… they went on to make a million plus on me, and continue to in the name of security. I hope you can see how these little details amass to the bigger picture. I asked them if they believed in GOD. They said No. I asked if they believed in Jesus. The answer was No. They even reported me from growing tomatoes. Their kin said I wanted to buy a truck load of Fertilizer. No. I did not. It was all about making me look at these things, rather then the bigger picture, which I did see… using me to make hds money while the country is in financial peril.

      • Very interesting information. Have been an activist? Wondering why you were on their radar.

        • My late-husband died in a horrific accident. I sued one of the biggest steel/ship corps in the world. Up against their nu 1 law firm in the country, they bought and paid for my own lawyer, covered it up easily, faked trials/judges… they said they were going to destroy me. They did. My own lawyer insisted I cease my studies (college) and genealogy and historic research, and switch immediately to politics (activism, I suppose)… he lied so many times to me, I was robbed of justice, millions (yes) and complete destruction of my life.

          That lawyer who robbed me of everything, with the other side (think huge law firm, nu 1 lawyer in the country now) placed me obviously on natl sec list.

          Yes, I was tricked into ‘clicking on 911 links one night’ on my wireless unsecured computer. That and Bush saying ‘Either your with me or your with the terrorist’ led me to dwelve into what was going on.

          At least now, I know the truth.

    • Sources:
        What is Gang-Stalking? Fascism using Stasi Tactics – PrisonPlanet … – The Stasi, which infiltrated every walk of East German life, suppressed …. replete with such heavy-handed Communist spy tactics as sexual blackmail, but it also .
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        The Nazification of German Society – – Their crimes against humanity and ruthless tactics shocked the world, and left many asking …. These street battles resulted in the death of twenty-three Hitler Youths between the ….. The Nazis managed to control the radio, press, and cinema.
        10 Most Evil Propaganda Techniques Used by the Nazis – Brainz Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party (or National Socialist German. … Following the devastating outcome of WWI and the Wall Street of Crash of 1929, … Two of the most famous examples of Nazi cinema are Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will, …
        Nazi Propaganda Handbook – Calvin College
        A 1942 handbook for Nazi propagandists General; Ceremonies and events; Visual arts; Music; Literature; Theater; Popular culture …. Distributing leaflets, notices, and announcements was one of our best tactics during the period … They can be used over streets, on building walls, railway stat

        The coming Black Awakening – by Russ Dizdar at

        Whistleblowers who’ve survived (barely)
        Former FBI Bob Levin at

        Former FBI/Army Intelligence/Attorney: Geral Sosbee and Thus, as the nation falls into murderous and totalitarian rule by assassins in and associated with the intel community, one must keep always in mind the names of the various internet and media news groups who cover up truthful reports like mine; and one should also record the names of the various message boards & forums who do not resist the homicidal sociopaths and tyrannical fascists who imprison, torture and murder our people. I have done my job of reporting, even as the fbi tortures, threatens, libels, and attempts to kill me. Shame on HP.

        Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

        Robert Duncan: Whistleblower of HAARP DARPA Military on Targeted Individuals –

      HAARP-Chemtrails WMD: Exposing a Spiritual, Mass Mind-Control & Planetary Assault with Alfred Webre

      HUMANS into ROBOTS with Chem Trails, Smart Meters, HAARP, Reproducing in CANDIDA

        • You’re more than welcomed.

        • You might like my anti anti smoking article…. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but its about how smoking prevents lung cancer. Shocking… I know. I am about to put up a new post with more info on this from another doctor.

        • What brought you to mention smoking?

        • Cause you seem to look for truth! This one is a shocker.

        • All of it was a shocker to me, as well. I’ve been researching this steady now for over a year… it gets no easier. You have a lot of catch-up on. It’s not going to be easy. Start with Project Cloverleaf


        • I am well up on this subject, but thanks for the link. I have been investigating this seriously since about 1993, and had a large radio show covering this topics. If you do a search on the blog for silent weapons, HAARP, Gladio, Monarch,MJ12, etc you might find some interesting links. I am waiting for a real true whistle blower who is not some anonymous person to lay it out there what they are spraying. I mean one of the guys loading it, spraying it etc.. I think chemtrails have many purposes, but the biggest is population control.

        • I must agree. Its overwhelming obvious. What other reason can there be ‘globally.’ It seems true whistleblowers wait until its too far gone. We’re there.

          We’re in deep trouble. Really, really deep.

        • It is meant to feel this way, but we are to not live in fear, but trust in God and never bend a knee to the ways of the world or those who serve the god of this world. This last video I have posted is worth watching for all people. The elites think they are winning, and in the last day they will finally know the truth. To what end? I leave that up to our eternal and loving creator.

        • Thanks unified… I’ll watch that last video. I’m glad I no longer bend to their ways. I fell for them a few years ago, never, ever again. When they started on me they’d yell across the road that there was something wrong with me because my Grandparents whom raised me were both prior long-term ministers. I should had known then this was spiritual warfare perpetrated by those who have no earthly idea what God they pray to. Take note, my research shows they believe several things: 1) Jesus died for their sins so they can do anything they like. That was quoted by their minister repeatedly, first 10 minutes. I walked out on their break, though they tried to get me to stay. 2) They are one with God, there is no Jesus, they will utilize nano-transhumanism (wikepedia) to survive the coming catastropies.

          My grandparents raised me. They were highly intelligent, from the hills, deep in, olden ‘dunkards,’ one Church of God, the other Church of Christ. They always had their Bibles by their sides, but never once preached to me, ever, rather told me I didn’t have to go to Church. I chose to on my own. The irony is, they knew they wouldn’t be here for me as an adult constantly informing me after the first Apollo moon mission, that someday they’d destroy the skies and earth and great calamity would override the globe– that America would abandon God. Years alter during the start of this, one of them (perp/troll) sent me an email out of no where (I didn’t know him or her) but I traced it to a base in Southern CA, that God abandoned me. I wrote back asking who they were… I had no idea all of this was going on. I do now. My grandparents were right. They knew they’re be water wars, heavy infiltration from within and great sins by a nation, their words. They said when this happened to head for the hills. I’m going to do that.

        • Thank you for sharing this lisa. I think the “running for the hills” will be before AC shows up. People will get desperate, but have faith for God will watch over those who love Him. The psychological games being played on people and the nation as a whole are astounding. I am about to post a new one showing they are now trying to destroy a good man, Rand Paul.

        • Here’s a portion of what I working on (1000s) of cemeteries, historic preservation, saving cemeteries, masonry research/thesis… Phi Theta Kappa, one of many I did all the research for a community college’s historic foundings… went thru security–everyone loved me. Until, I grabbed hold of a big law firm who was highly considering taking my lawsuit against those lawyers… that’s when all of this began against me

          The point is, the Patriot Act, Space Preservation Act, NSA spying Q-Team 911 all began… in a ‘find um and fry um’ using Satellites for surveillance long before it was made public and more (run searches for electronic satellite torture). Its that bad, yes.

          We need quiet true advocates, now or I an others will surely die. Those gleeming white moving objects over your home at night are not stars any longer.

        • they leave when I tell the to.

  2. authorthat says:

    For some reason part of this conversation was misaligned right off the screen. Energetics are the most powerful means the adversary & his chain of command the synagogue of satan have at their disposal for the routne collapsing of yet another civilization, but this is the last one. The structure of humanity as a double inverted pyramid. Symbol of the five dimensions of the energetic, beyond which tier two public science has yet to learn, consists of 7 dimensions having 12. The five because the fallen are masters of the chaotic first five dimensions. King of the air and master manipulator of creation to the level of nine stones of the mind of God. There is but a single means of returning to one who began as a soul chosen by our agreement to become a redeemed spirit. Learn to communicate in the spirit with that of God by the leading of his spirit that we bear fruit.

    • Thanks for your wonderful advise during these final times. I have been quietly communicating with his spirit, thou I had to fight the demons. He Yahusah was here by myside the other night, as he use to be letting me know I’m okay with high hopes he’ll accept me back. He knows I tried and no we won’t be coming back, not this time. The fallen angels made sure of that, just as God meant it to be – thank you. Our time is now at hand. Glad to hear from you again.

  3. authorthat says:

    To learn the protocols for protecting yourself against specific frequency attack, you can get an ebook from a FORMER vicitim known as electric angel. As for the frequecy pollution, I suggest a specialized black paint that contains particles which with a lead into the ground, creates a faraday cage. For windows, a silver layer. As for the best all round protection from interference of emf pollution, a clearfield place hand made by a pro can be ordered at They also have resonators / spot clearers shown effective by curlean photos.
    Complete health protocols using a quantum magnetic resonance analyzer by a medical intuitive are available using the most effective nutricuticles and cutting edge knowledge of anti-aging known. See

  4. authorthat says:

    My family has been attacked several times. Using frequencies, shortly after my brother won a law suit, he and his wife experienced a heart attack. Know the crazy part ? His health is destroyed by the same pollution that killed our mother, who began leukemia “treatment” ? on the morning of 9/11. That was the point when I turned my skills from military intel against those who would have me work for them in ignorance. I’ve been underground. I’ve been to a HAARP installation. “I learned more from the answer to a prayer than ten years in uniform.” Blog that ! As ever, The Blogathon Philabuster, because the witness to evil must not remain silent. For as Jefferson Smith in Washington once explained, for one simple reason Mr. Payne…to love thy neighbour. Well folks, our people die for lack of knowledge, so go get some.

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