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Techniques Used on Victims of Harassment: Brighting

THe photo of above is known as ‘Brighting.’ As a victim of this form of harassment, I’m unsure on a non-professional level as to how to explain why this is used. I only know, it’s added in to the illegal harassment as a form as an emotionally disturbing way of adding to the abundant array of elaborate techniques to rid the victim from the neighborhood. I shall explain further:

All Reasons Listed below fit the Profile of all Victims of a Sick Harassment going on now in America.

1. He / She has been victimized.
2. The victim has filed a complaint.
3. This is one of many forms of the harassment campaign. If this is added onto the pile of prior, current and future harassments, it causing harmful abuse.
4. To silence the victim from further creditability. So no one will believe the victim as by now, once this form of abuse is added-in, the perpetrators have already caused a good amount of the abuse. However, it’s nowhere near over yet.
5. Brighting can be used whereas all neighbors come to an agreement to turn on the lights, to systematically and willfully participate in the hate-campaign, always filled with lies. Generally, groups of neighbors are all told something totally different about the victim, and told not to discuss this even amongst one another. However, in some instances, all of them are keenly aware of what they’re participating in and do receive perks for doing this. All perks are generally free.
6. Brighting also comes in the form of others being told to turn on their vehicle lights when the victim is driving down the road.
7. This is used by multi-neighbors at one time. There is communication between neighbors to turn on the new bright shiny lights, all pointed directly at the victim to ‘heighten’ the victims awareness they are unwanted in the area now.

Who is the one that orders these things, combined with group vehicular harassment? Who decides to elevate these forms of sad harassments to higher levels i.e. unconsenual implants within a human beings body? How can a society believe their weapons aren’t enough to deter one human being? Where does this stop? When the victim is broke, homeless and sickened from the Microwave and electromagnetic frequencies, and how about the emotional stress upon a human beings body when weapons of unimaginable magnitudes are perpetrated upon that person…?

I’m at a loss for words. These things are so indescribable it leaves the author with much sad reserve, yet strong resolve to find an end to these humiliating and physical destructive policing.

I wonder if some of those being asked to do this, realize how much harm their causing the victim, and if they even know the details of the bigger picture–of what is really going on by the perpetrators to do this to someone they generally do not know?

If people would stop and think asking themselves, why am I being asked to do this to this person, and is the person who’s asking me to do this, really telling the truth–is there a cover-up going on, I believe these forms of harassment could indeed cease.


  1. Lissa.
    I don’t get the brighting stuff either. I don’t know what the purpose of it is? Other then just to mess with somebody. I remember I brighted(I guess it was brighting) to my math professor at Penn state University. I had a gold watch on, and I could catch the sun at a certain angle and transfer the light right into his eyes while he was writing on the chalk board. He never found out I was doing it. but he would get really mad Lissa…Dr. Dawson…

    Apparently, this is what an University of Delaware police office was doing to a student before he was arrested by another police department in May of 2012. You can look it up on the internet. This University of Delaware security guard was taking his police light on his police car and shining the light into the student’s window at night. Finally, I assume the student wasn’t getting any results from the University of Delaware police department so she called another police department. It’s bizarre, this same University of Delaware security department accused me of brighting my ex-girlfriend way up in HERSHEY, Pennsylvania. The same lies these guys pulled on me, are the same things this University of Delaware security had actually done to a student. I was blamed on these University of Delaware police reports of sleeping with my student, while she was in my class. I never did that. But this U.D. security did just what they had said I did…when I didn’t do it.

    These University of Delaware security guards were down loading my email messages illagally and with out a warrant, and then transcribing these messages into a bizarre story, that never happened. Prior to the police getting involved and lying about me I was mobbed/harassed, and discriminated against for well over a year at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster Pennsylvania, so finally I filed formal complaints against them with the PHRC and EEOC. That is when these University of Delaware police reports started showing up. For almost a year these security guards were harassing me. This is true, I have their police reports.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Simular senseless terrorizing is happening all over the world.
    No one would like animals to be treated this way.

  3. They do not do brighting here. Wish they would. In fact, if anyone is “brighting,” it’s me. I have lights on three corners and above every exterior door. I’ve asked my neighbor to step up his “brighting” features after they had a break in. However, he has attended a gun class and has a friend that is deputized and rides in parades and has concluded it is much easier to shoot a criminal in the dark.

    So, all I can do is hope a branch will snap and alert me to where they are the next time they start entering his home.

    • You are on your onw. Get TOR, SKPY, protection for your cellphones and computers/printers/hone phones; they are preparing (CIA & scumbag agents and DOD gone sick mad) to place you into the third leg of this CIA Torture Matrix. Its going on all over the country due to too much CIA TORTURE FBI DOD State/Mil police combined. DON’T MOVE. SAVE YOUR MONEY. Protect your credit cards, banking, etc. I kid you not. And above all ‘DON’T GAZE YOUR EYES UPON THEM” IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE> Something I did not heed too. Get cameras for your car. 1 for the inside front windshield and 1 from the back. Record them 247.

    • The brighting is intended to harm not help. Are you participating in something against your neighbor?

      • Thinker Belle says:

        No. I’m just trying to keep the extortion rings off my property as I do not like being threatened with death.

        • They are sick, psychopathic, neurotic maniatic murderers. They will stop at nothing to take your home, land, and your mind and body. Take my advise. Fight them, don’t let them win. They’re part of an evil that has embedded itself into our once free land.

    • If so you are either being lied to about your neighbor ‘or’ your part of neighborhood watch. If so, its part of the problem not solution.

      • Thinker Belle says:

        I do not think anyone is capable of teaching me about assessing the character of my neighbors. I live among some of the worst conspiracy theorists and that’s their mantra, too. However, they have an added twist-religion.

  4. Tina Hat says:

    I have been a victim of this sick crime for close to 4 years. My whole family is targeted. My health is detoriating along with my husbands and kids. I get no help when I go to the hospitals for medical attention. My e-mail address is and Tina Hattan is my name. Please contact me .

    • Meet out Saint… he’s a target now. He created a lot of this — he was tricked. He’s telling the world now, his lifes in danger. Over 20 have mysteriously died in a row all suicide. Unheard of.

      Look at Bavaria. HAARP & Chemtrails has a lot to do with our targeting, as does Ground Penetrating Weapons Surveillance Systems and Microwave Low Lying Satellites, Gwen & Microwave Towers.

      The biggest culprit is Lockeed Martin and Raytheon and yes they give out hand held laser guns and send locals/relatives to your home holding microwave cellphones pointed at you (me).

      There is something wrong with all of them. Look up. It explains alot.

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