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More musing on How I became Targeted in America

In Honor of George

The end of a highly-litigated lawsuit seeking justice for the murder of my husband never, ever came.


I was put in a Secret Space Program run by DARPA NORAD NORCOM NSA CIA FBI & NASA NAVY BLACK OPS — all NAZIs.

To the left is George. I knew him from the age of five. We grew up together. He was my best-friend, my family. They sent him to his death.. stood around refusing to even hold his hand after he was blown in half. They we’re afraid to turn equipment off, but not afraid to ask him to, then ran hiding behind huge dirt mounds. Later, they’d send a guy from the site to threaten me stating I’d end up in the water… on a pier to not sue. I told him if I go off this pier you’re doing down with me, and I meant it. Did I know Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore, MD would put me on a negative eugnics Secret Space Program? Heck no. They even use my Christian upbringing on me Sure with I had all those homes they chasaed me out of and got dirt cheap.

Just listen to that video – the gentleman explains the US’s real history and how our military sold us out as cowards to the NAZIs and it lives on today.

It was suppose to legally end in 2005, rather I would learn after being chased out of my home-state of Maryland by a caniving, corrupt (towards me and my late-husband’s legacy and pain & suffering) lying, lawyer did not actually end the case. There were certain aspects of the case he never-ever paid for though said he would late 2005. By early 2006 when I filed one (1) complaint detailing how he did something seriously illegal to me ‘and’ refused to give me my case files that were room-filled in size, stating to me on the phone in October of 2005 that he was going to ‘destroy all the files in 7 1/2 years’ it was than I now realize I became a Targeted Individual in America. I am hoping someone of legal power reads this and helps me re-open that case. Even lawyers in the town of Smithfield, Johnston CO North Carolina ‘and’ a lawyer in the Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB area of Fayetteville, NC was stunned, and outraged over what that Maryland lawyer did to me citing shock over his abuse of illegalities on what he’d done to me.

Bethlehem Steel Sparrows Point Ship & Steel Yard hired one of the top 10 law firms to destroy e,’ their words — I watched & heard them in 2004. From that point on, as time grew closer to the so called 2 week court end (finally, justice) I was Cointelpro’ed into the most heinous ynagogue of satan/skull & bones slow murder from the skies and every literal devise known to tech kind, 247. A helacious way to get rid of a multi-million dollar client, me.

Secret Nazi Space Program

I was promised two weeks in a court of law, for years by lawyers. Not one was honest with me. The last lawyer to represent me, Jay D. Miller of Towson, Maryland not only was the most unethical, cruel and destructive lawyer, he literally destroyed my entire life. I had no words to describe what he had done to me. I do now. It was COINTELPRO. I recall standing out in the parking lot of his office off of York Road when he said to me ‘See all those people going into those offices above me?’ I nodded yes. He continued stating ‘As long as are nice to me, they’re all your friends, but the minute you piss me off, you’ll piss all of them off–and you don’t want that.’ I stood there baffled. From that point on as we neared each court date he became verbally abusive with me, intimidating, and he gaslight me countless times. The lies he told me mounted skywards. I quick called Washington, DC and found a legal advocacy group. That attorney checked me and my late husband out and our case standings. He wanted the case bad but was in fear the judge would not allow it. Sadly, I lost that lawyers contact information due to so many break-ins by unknowns.

The break-in’s would continue for several more years.

I loved my husband and he loved me.


He was blown in half and still talking. He went down into sad history as being the most sickest most injured human being to ever survive such catastrophic injuries globally. The head Maryland Shock Trauma doctor called me three days after I buried my husband asking me if he could perform a ‘deposition’ on me. I agreed because he told me if I donated my husband’s medical records to the Military, Medical Government and Science I’d be ‘saving lives in Iraqi.’ I did so without giving it one thought and with full knowledge I would never earn any money rather it was for my country.

As I type this now, on this Wednesday evening at 8:51 pm I wonder why the Department of Defense for the United States of America and the Intel agencies are performing Slow No-Touch Torture and Radiation Death and agonizing pain upon me, after I did this for them? With my hand to the good Lord I question how they could harm any of their fellow human beings as they sit in their homes defenseless against War Weapons of Mass Destruction. I gave them what I loved the most with hopes and full assumption it would actually save their lives. Now, they are destroying mine. Why?

I no longer know my country… she’s dead. At least I speak my mind and for that I will remain ever proud of myself. I just hope my husband’s suffering saved at least one of their lives. I met my husband when I was five years old. We grew-up across the alley from one another in Baltimore City, Maryland. We never lived more than a block or so away from one another for most of our lives. We were close throughout our entire lives. I can’t think of a time when we didn’t know one another well. He was a real man. It doesn’t bother me that I am alone, whatsoever. I was fortunate to have had him and only wish, as i did while he lay in front of all those long days and night, that I could had traded places with him. I’ll never forget it. What irony. It’s getting me through this murderous reign that has been placed upon me by my country. I guess I’m taking that a bit hard because I was an American Historic Preservations. I guess there isn’t much left to preserve now.

I hope it’s all worth it to them. His suffering, and now mine.

My grandparents raised me. It was the best of times. My grandfather died in a fire. My grandmother was hit by a hit-and-run driver. They died a year and a half a part. My husband was there for me. I was 17. He married young for a brief time to give a little girl a name. He didn’t love his first wife though she showed up at the hospital before me and wanted money. She was there with her live in boyfriend of 21 years. They handed me court papers in front of my husband’s coffin while his mother told everyone the company that killed him paid for his burial. I’m sorry but it was me. I did so on credit. One week after I buried my husband as I sat at my desk he bought me wondering what I was going to do with out him, my phone rung. It was my birth mother and birth father. Neither one raised me or flipped a penny my way. They asked me for money. From that moment on that’s all I was seen for. When the case came to a fake-end my aunt and birth mother showed up at my home. They had their hands out and demanded I give them what I was awarded. Their reasoning: If it weren’t for them their parents would never have raised me. Between them and the lawyer I felt like someone had punched a hole right through my stomach as I recall sliding down the wall to the floor in horror. I thought than my world had come crumbling down. I was not the least bit interested in what the lousy award was. I just felt crushed by how those around me were so evil and greedy. I now realize its not just them, its more than half of the country.

America what happened to you? I use to know you… or so I thought. I was going to teach Ethics all those years. I probably would have starved.

The US Sold its soul to Satan. that is overwhelmingly obvious.

My husband was sent to his death by his fellow co-workers, whom rather than turn off equipment, chose to send him to his death, in particular his supervisor. I buried my husband after almost five long, insufferable days at a local Shock Trauma. Upon his death, he went down in global medical history, as one of ‘the‘ sickest, most injured human beings to ever survive horrific, and undocumented prior, major catastrophic injuries. He was blown almost in-half and still capable of speaking, however raspy. It was clear enough for some to establish what he was saying. Three days following, as I buried my husband, I received a call from a head doctor of the ward asking [in a phone sworn deposition while i was under major duress, and no understanding of the laws at that time, in shock], if I’d allow this. In other words, I donated my husband’s medical records to the military to ‘save lives in Iraqi.’

‘I am a Widow whom left my late-husband’s medical records to the U.S. medical, scientific, and the U.S. Military to ‘Save Lives in Iraqi.’ If life could not get any sadder, someone(s) placed me into something murderous after horrific COINTELPRO, that I know started by a Lawyer whom ended the wrongful death case whereas I suffered many years, seeking justice that never came. I was up against one of the top-ten law firms in the U.S. My own lawyer COINTELPRO(ed) me using Proxies aka locals. I was chased out of my own home, like nothing I’d ever witnessed prior. Everything was going wrong. People suddenly stared at me as if I’d killed someone. I watched as so-called gals from my old neighborhood showed-up after year’s absence and joined in with a sick, destructive politically motivated game stated ‘Kill, Kill, (They) could just kill anyone for any reason,’ repeatedly in my home with several better friends of mine. We sat shocked, mortified. I knew it had something to do with the COINTELPRO-Like tactics. I was soon followed by strange young guys, at times loitering outside my relative’s home, acting bizarre, knocking on the door asking me bizarre questions as her neighbors also began staring at me, as if I’d literally killed someone. It was so devastatingly frightening, I decided to just leave state and noticed I was followed by young, regular fellows everywhere I went, laughing. I bought a brand new home in what I later learned was CIA Torture Airport Torture Taxi country, in the most half-filled place ever. At first everything was great though I knew the people were strange. As I went out into society, people began treating me bizarrely ‘after’ I slipped and fell, injuring my self severely crushing my neck, back and ankle. I left my keys at that hospital who laughed at me making fun of my late-husband’s death though they’d never met him or I, prior. I begged for a cane or crutch offering to buy them and was denied and told to leave the hospital.

People there began attacking my home with lethal weapons ie Lasers, tazers, EMF, See thru The Wall, and their local Satellite company SKYWARE shot me in the left upper arm one night as I lay on my side on the couch. The local cops and their pals would pull up to my front door and shoot an unknown force straight thru at evidence I had on laptops. I landed in CIA low-end Torture country, not the kind one sees on TV.

I believe in leaving behind the truth. I was invited onto Fort Bragg Pope Air Force base by Thomas D. Lewis JR and his wife Colette (she was born in Canada). They are the ones that actually placed me into Psychological-Bio-War Weapons Testings and now I have a literal death hit job on my life in America, by the U.S. DoD and Intel and Secret Police. Colette I hope you read this. You couldn’t pass a psychological exam to get a stomach staple surgery ‘to look good for your man,’ on US taxpayers dollars. Yet you helped destroy my life and threaten me with your father in law, Thomas D. Lewis SR for ‘Johnny’s belly.’ Well, his belly has been struck by satellite projectiles of unknown caliber at least three times at point-blank range, and electrocuted two weeks ago so I wrote the NSA asking them to find Tom’s father Thomas D. Lewis SR to try to at least save ‘Johnny’s life. You two put him up for sale, than tried to give him away but like you said, my ‘demented ass came along’ and ‘good luck getting rid of that old, ugly, demented dog–just like you,’ than your prearranged local Cop buddy in Smithfield Johnston Co North Carolina pulled up to my home and pointed his PDA into my living room while you, Tom and I were talking. The two of you wanted to sue me–all you cared about and all you ever talking about was making 24/7 puppy-milling money. Do all those 1000s of military members around the country whom you sold all those puppies to know that none of their puppies are actually AKA certified much less pure bread Lab? They should after what you charged them and lied to them about and what you had them do to me.

The military guard and his on base dark-haired cohorts enlisted his wife and those in Smithfield, Johnston CO NC & Raleigh in Wake Co NC to place me on the National Terrorist List under I believe FISA a secret committee court only military intelligence can do. Read the history of Fort Bragg / Pope AFB of North Carolina and its long history of teaching Psychological Operations on the public and average citizens. Combine this with the CIA AERO Contractors and connected Johnston County Airport’s high news Post 911 profiles on Torture Renditions. These two combined forces that engaged upon this ex-highly honored Historian, ex-housewife for over a decade with almost 20 years with my late-husband in a healthy, relationship known for our true and honored test of time relationship-longevity knowing one another since I was of the age of 5 when he became my lifetime protector, and ex-adminstrative assistant and typesetter and waitress for some of the top companies and restaurants in the country, became a Terrorist Blacklisted and Redlisted National Security Endangerment (propaganda cohesion lies) as a victim of a silent war by quiet weapons (Directed Energy Weapons) from the DOD military guard (above), corrupt lawyers who stole more than millions from me in 2005 and the CIA Torturers (worldwide news) and am now a verified Targeted Individual in America trying to survive.

I’m going to put your emails out here that you cyber-crimed me with during that 30 day siege after I slipped and fell. You two placed a long, torturous murder on me. I’d call you what you really are but you’re no longer worth it.

I believe it was the Military and Task Force Training Exercises by possible ex-Commissioned type and at least (1) One P.O.W. in a SUV on July 15, 2012: I would go on to become a Victim of Non-Consensual/UnWitting/Non-Participant and supposed War-On-Terror-Casualty and Treat Assessment Victim, in what I believe to be Extra-Judiciary, Cointelpro, Medical Experimentation, Frequencies testings, Illegal Uninformed Implant(s), and Weapons Testings by the same Military, and same country (mine) the U.S., and Medical Researchers. UPDATED to JADE HELM from NDAA & the BELLIGERENCE ACT. They knew what they we’re doing day one on me.

I have never seen so many evil, greedy, cruel, insensitive, torturous-murderous, hate-filled, people commit such horrid acts upon a defenseless fellow American, much less human being, in my life. I no longer know my country. There is no words to describe the insensitive nature of ‘their-imposed’ beastly actions. At least I know Jesus loved my husband and loves me. I hope Jesus loves them, fore I am incapable. How could I ever, when I have been utterly betrayed.

Most Sincerely

To have the possible same groups do this to me, is a travesty.

I have recently learned that more than likely this is weapons testings. It is obvious from the following:

Laser Target.

Links to the Directives to use these weapons upon American Citizens:
December 1982 original ‘directive‘ version: PROCEDURE 13: Experimentation on Human Subjects for Intelligence Purposes
Directed Energy Weapons
Laser-induced plasma also known as LIP.
Can lead to Peripheral Neuropahy.
Masers: Stands for Microwave Amplification by Stimulated emission of Radiation: What’s used (I think) upon my major organs, and brain. The four cardinal patterns of peripheral neuropathy are polyneuropathy, mononeuropathy, mononeuritis multiplex and autonomic neuropathy. The most common form is (symmetrical) peripheral polyneuropathy, which mainly affects the feet and legs. Neuropathy Please read the linked information for Signs and symptoms and Causes.

Maser CCoherent electromagnetic waves coherent electomagnetic waves
Microwave: Another Electromagnetic Wave: (The People Cooker) Using Radio waves and wavelengths.
AT*T uses this on their lines as does LAN Wireless protocols, bluetooth and IEEE 802.11 and on the 2.4 GHz; Mobile Wireless Mobile phones.

Satellite Communications systems operate on the microwave spectrum. See PHOTO

Quoting wikipedia Less-than-lethal weaponry exists that uses millimeter waves to heat a thin layer of human skin to an intolerable temperature so as to make the targeted person move away. It’s a horrible Microwave Death.

These things also cause Dangerous Carcinogen Radiation See Carcinogen Radiation Exposure

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.[1] The “electromagnetic spectrum” of an object is the characteristic distribution of electromagnetic radiation emitted or absorbed by that particular object.
PHOTO EM Spectrum Properties edit

Particle beam weapon
to damage a material target by hitting it, and thus disrupting its atomic and molecular structure. A particle beam weapon is a type of directed-energy weapon, which directs energy in a particular direction by a means of particle projectiles with mass. Some of these weapons are real or practicable; some are science fiction. It is a neutral particle beam weapon ionizes hydrogen gas Electric beam in a vacuum Pulsed_Energy_Projectile
Laser cooling Military uses of lasers include applications such as target designation and ranging, defensive countermeasures, communications and directed energy weapons. See photos.

Types of people who could use this against a defenseless human beings are Psychopathic: Meaning a personality disorder characterized by a pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights of others and the rules of society. Psychopaths have a total lack of empathy and remorse, and have very shallow emotions. They are generally regarded as callous, selfish, dishonest, arrogant, aggressive, impulsive, irresponsible, and hedonistic. 3 Characteristics include Personality dimensions, Lack of empathy Shallowness of emotions Lying and manipulation Semantic processes Impulsivity, irresponsibility, low tolerance for boredom Parasitic lifestyle Lack of remorse Grandiosity Unrealistic long-term goals High recidivism Juvenile delinquency, total disregard and lack of Moral judgment and beliefs, Perceptual/emotional recognition deficits.

Famous people whom destroyed millions of lives suffered from the above illness: Adolf Hitler was one of them because he lacked moral judgement caused by the mental disorder Psychopathic. Those that did ‘this’ to me are Psychopathic.

Hitler and Stalin were the same exact way. Its what’s wrong with our country.

Three Groups at one Consecutive time all COVERED-UP Federal Crimes committed against me. They know who the hell they are.

My Crime: I hopped into their small town hospital. No one would assist me. I hopped out. Left me keys there. I was robbed left and right, and became a victim of all I write of on this blog. I realize now I gave that doctor permission to use my husband’s medical records for the Military Medical Science as he told me that by doing so I’d be saving countless lives in Iraqi. I made nothing momentarily.

I was apparently placed into Fusion Centers thro DHS during the last year a lawyer reportedly ended this case. The timing is sadly impeccable. Since that time odd things began to happen to me. Moving to what I thought was a better place to live becoming a Victim. Someone in that area did this, yet I was told to go on, no one would bother me. It didn’t happen. Strange guys lingered around watching me with sinister smiles. I know where they came from, to the east of that town. These things were done to me in my than Senators’ district. Speaking with him several months ago, he told me this was not done under his watch and said he wanted names. Who did this without notifying him? They knew my call logs and would know we spoke regularly. Why didn’t they contact him? They knew all I’d been through. Why did this begin this slow-kill torture of my life?

Mike German Links:, Mike German Videos relating these issues beginnings.

The Washington Post ‘The Top Secret America,’ all should learn about.

Technological Holocaust
Extremists Cells Target 350,000 (or more) US Civilians
Sharon Poet; Her bio.
DDrones are Big Business
On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology

Sign Petitions:, Darlene R. Miles Government Must Stop the Unlawful Non-Consensual Weapons Testing that is being conducted on ALL Civilians and Military Personnel. Protect Medical Whistleblowers.

I gave the most honorable, loving sacrifice to my country and the medical experimentation, science, universities, and the DOD. Now, unless these thugs using Microwave & Laser Energies 247 are not stopped, I am going to continue suffering from projectiles and lasers and Microwave Radiation, and countless other medical experimentations and weapons testings that are sending me to an early grave and have destroyed my life.

What does one have to give to her country (America)? Wasn’t my husband’s medical records enough?

2003, 2004, 2005, 2006: Attending Community College, part-time, then full-time working on a Historic Preservation Degree, than switched over to American History.

2005: Co-Oped under Professor Deeg, of Historic Preservation earning As for summer work extending long into the fall, while conducting all historic research on the College’s early beginnings, dating back the 1600s proving the founders of Maryland, and the founder, Brantz Mayer of the Md. Historical Society intermarried with the original owners of Harford Community College, in Harford Co., MD as horse breeders, and racers. Many are buried at the old Greenmount Cemetery on North Ave., in Balto. MD. Was reportedly known for bringing much-needed attention to an old, forgotten Cemetery in Balto. City, MD where almost all important civic leaders [who helped create the Inner Harbor, placing Baltimore City on the map as the main harbor] are buried. Was offered a 250k grant to remedy preservation/restoration. Was unable to meet matching funds. It was a great offer, nevertheless. Took 10s of 1000s of photos of cemeteries, and countless headstones of old, forgotten burials all over Md, Pa, Va.


SEE but a few Cemeteries I documented while studying to be a Historian. I have hundreds more, that I did for nothing in touch with unknown countless foreigners who emailed me for years, asking me to find their ancestors. My Lemon Stand Blog and Historic Cemeteries and here, and Towns.

2005: Internship at the Maryland Historical Society, in downtown Balto., City, MD earning a letter of recommendation for the best Intern ever served in over 30 years history. Cite: Francis O’Neill.

2006: Accepted into the honorable lifetime membership of Phi Theta Kappa

2007: Offered Countless scholarships from PA, DC to LA and back. Group Task Force Training (aka) Cointelpro began. It was the end of my educational future, though it promised to be bright. Those days are gone, now because I was told I ‘landed in the wrong spot.’ I most certainly, and sadly, did. I hope their happy now. They are. Their sick, diabolical tortures. I’m glad I could never be those things, no matter what.

7 Years: Under Peabody Institute’s Music Conservatory’s ‘Peabody Instructor’ for Piano.

2 1/2 Years: Attended the prestigious Peabody Institute for Music Conservatory.

1972-1974: Played the B3 Organ in a Band. First job: The Pussy Cat Club, on ‘the block,’ in downtown Baltimore, MD. Family found out, had a fit and that was the end of that career.

1974-1975: Invited to play, by referral for Zim Zimerell Band, at the annual Festival held yearly at the huge parking lot next to Lockheed Martin in Balto., Co. MD. Had many invites thereafter.

1971-1983: Played in Churches, Weddings, Parties, Taught Piano to Children.

1972-1975: Medical School: Radiology Worked in ER, OR, while attending full-time classes.

1967-1994: Worked for years at a time, sometimes months, full-time, part-time, and temporary positions as Medical Records Clerk, Secretary, Administrative Assistant in various dept. in Johns Hopkins Hospital, later at the University. Worked as a Waitress at some of the finest, and most popular restaurants in Maryland. Tended Bar, Waited Tables, Cleaned the kitchen till 3 a.m. countless times. Worked side jobs always for several Caterers (hard work). Worked as Typesetter, Data Entry, Typist, Office Mgr. Worked 2 and 3 jobs at a time before the age of Twenty-one. Worked double-shift full-time as a Data Entry clerk; drove home many times with my wrists from over-worked small-frame hands.

1962-1971: Attended St. Paul’s United Methodist Church; early years Sunday School; Summers: Bible Studies

1967-1972: Attended Lutheran League each Sunday night: Volley Ball, Wiffle Softball as Catcher, later 1st bast, as outfield player. Was mediocre yet hit plenty of home runs.

1969-1972: Accomplished Ice & Roller Skater/Professionally Trained.

1968-1971 / 1994-1998: Tennis Professionally Trained.Horse Back rider, both English and Western Saddle at Cub Hill Riding Club, in Balto CO. MD. Brownie, Girl Scout graduating to Cadet, earning every badge there was to earn, and all the stars. Still have the badges somewhere. Was a leader in the 4-H Club for years; Earned a Life-Saving Swimmers Badge, Took Ballet, Tap Dancing, Modern Dance, Swimming, Tennis, Raced Sport Cars won all races. One time good dancer. Traveled all over the US with Grandparents. Seen Niagara Falls, Grand Canyons, Old Tuscon (before original burned to the ground), Painted Desert traveling through countless states. Had planed to do this again, someday. Had a bike with each state painted on it. It was the silliest thing. Rode Mountain bikes, till 1998, weekly. Spinal Degenerative Disease hit two years after husband died. Played Clarinet, Flute, and one time semi-accomplished violinist; mostly Pianist, and at one-time known as accomplished.

Had many friends, known as one of the nicest, most popular gals in the old neighborhood. I had many male and female friends and was loved by friend’s parents. Most are gone, now. My friends consisted of every religion, nationality and cultural backgrounds.

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