Angels, Demon, Beast Tech by Michael End Times Spiritual Battle Defined Now

End times Spiritual Battle defined by “Michael from around the World” — all need to listen ‘now.’

Time is short now.


Angels, Demon




Beast Tech




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Russ will be back tonight live at 6pm Dec 8th……..starting the new series as listed below, thank you for your prayers. Learning more about the challenges that face you and the whole of the human race is vital at this hour, learning how to respond and find power and help in our walk with Jesus Christ is not only possible but what was meant for us all along………. it is not as though all this radical evil caught God by surprise! He knows the end from the beginning and has given us all and far more than what we need. The violent responses, city burning and revenge murders do have a sin and spiritual warfare inception. The world is described as spinning out of control in the end of days for two reasons: 1 Wickedness/lawlessness will abound, 2 Dark powers/presence will push lost and powerless humanity into self centered, self exalting…. self preservation with no regard for the needs of others.

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UN APPROVED | The great culling is being discreetly pre-programmed into the minds of generations (Club of Rome)

They call us useless eaters……..

According to the globalists and their mouthpieces, humans are a plague on the Earth, and the population must be controlled and culled. All while the next generation educators teach the future generations that having children is a crime, if not a sin against mankind.

The great culling is being discreetly pre-programmed into the minds of generations to come through movies such as ‘The Thinning.’ Where children and teenagers must pass an individual standardized test to see if they are allowed to live and if they fail they die.



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This Overview video includes the following subjects: my personal experience; topics to be covered in the series; evidence; methodology; financial elite; civil degeneration; & the new tyranny. –Mark Rich New World War, Download Mark’s books for free.

Ponerogenic-induced extinction —

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Personal Reference:

Political Ponerogenic (Evil)-

Extinction-induced response resurgence: A selective review —

The current state of mind-kontrol is probably far beyond anything you have ever imagined possible | James Preston PhD Veteran’s Today

When you create and control all the money you want, you can buy almost anyone and everyone, and promote those you want to the highest positions of power.

The Ruling Cabal controls the creation and distribution of money and can create all the power they need to implement their policies, which are designed to move mankind along a Globalist path leading to their long-desired Satanic NWO System.

Dark-side Psi-power is harnessed for evil by the ruling Cabal, which is Satanic and deeply committed to an inhuman, anti-human Globalist NWO Agenda that requires 90% depopulation.

Psi-power manipulations of the mass group mind is the little known but real practice of the spiritually based mind-control of the masses through the application of specific Black Arts to “manipulate, fracture and even eventually snatch the human soul” and replace it with non-human spiritual entities from the dark side.

Dark-side Psi-power is the technology used in trauma based mind-kontrol, and the means by which psychopaths and narcissists are inducted into the worldwide Satanic pedophile network in incrementally criminal, anti-human Satanic rituals of abuse, rape, torture and even sacrifice of captive innocent children to gain more and more evil Satanic psi-power.

Some insiders have reported that top cult members receive their own personal “spirit guide” as a consigliere, which periodically appears to them in private and “advises” them after they reach the level of child torture and child sacrifice. Some have claimed these are “Fallen Ones/Lesser Gods”; others claim they are very evil, deceptive and crafty demons or Djinns.

Positive psi-power is now just starting to emerge in dissatisfied Americans, who are now aware they are being abused by the Ruling Cabal and have had about enough.

There is the reverse side to Dark-sided Psi-power, which is a spiritual entity. In basic form, it is the spontaneously emerging new populism, which is a direct offshoot of the Internet which is turning out to be the New Gutenberg Press. Some conservative Christians claim they can muster positive Psi-power directly from God Almighty through prayer and faith, and this is reflected in a new and strong desire to do what is right and moral, to serve others, to resist and stop evil and to treat others the way one desires to be treated.

NSA Black Ops Deep Ops… CERN D-WAVE multi-dimensional technologies…

Now for a presentation of current psychotronic weapons now being deployed against the brains of many Americans in select cities and select regions, and some known countermeasures which have been claimed to be effective.

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In 1830 it was called “The Indian Removal Act.” Today it’s called “ethnic cleansing,

In 1830, it was called “The Indian Removal Act.” Today it’s called “ethnic cleansing,” which is considered a crime against humanity by the International Criminal Court. But for nearly 100 years it was the stated policy of every U.S. presidents from Washington to Grant – including Lincoln.

Ethnic cleansing was codified into U.S. law in 1830 when President Andrew Jackson asked Congress to pass the Indian Removal Act. This allowed him to legally relocate all Native Americans who were then living east of the Mississippi to the west side of the river. The result: The Trail of Tears, in which as many as 10,000 Indians died during the forced march westward.

To this day, many Native Americans will not carry $20 bills.

But Jackson was not alone in his mistreatment of Native Americans. Nearly every president of the 18th and 19th centuries – including Jackson – claimed that they wanted to help the Indians; to civilize the Indians; to Christianize the Indians. But what they really wanted was their land.

America was a growing nation, and it needed living space for white settlers and their slaves.

They had something similar in Nazi Germany – it was called Lebensraum – living space.

The Global Solidarity Campaign – #NoDAPL Solidarity

The Global Solidarity Campaign calls on all People from around the world to take action and join the fight at Standing Rock. If you live on this land, breathe the air and drink water, this is your fight too.Our Brothers, Sisters and Protectors are putting their bodies and lives on the line everyday on the frontlines in Standing Rock. First and foremost, we call upon ALL protectors to come stand with us on the frontlines. If you cannot be physically present, you can still take escalated action to stop the pipeline and support our struggle.

Our Brothers, Sisters and Protectors are putting their bodies and lives on the line everyday on the frontlines in Standing Rock. First and foremost, we call upon ALL protectors to come stand with us on the frontlines. If you cannot be physically present, you can still take escalated action to stop the pipeline and support our struggle.

The projected in service date for the Dakota Access Pipeline is January 1st, 2017. With that date quickly approaching, we are calling for two months of sustained waves of action targeting the Army Corp of Engineers, investors, pipeline companies, security firms and elected officials who are behind this project. We need to hold these institutions, corporations and individuals accountable and put pressure on them to stop this pipeline.

These are the ways to join the fight:

  1. Organize yourself and/or large groups of people from your community to come to Standing Rock. Contact us at to discuss details and schedule a time frame.
  2. TAKE ACTION IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITIES. Target the Army Corp of Engineers, banks, pipeline companies, corporations and elected officials behind the pipeline. Taking action includes lock-downs at offices, sit-ins, taking up space, rallies, call-in days, divesting from banks, mass mailings and interruptions. Register at to join our network of Global Solidarity.
  3. End the media White Out by committing to share and post about the #NoDAPL movement everyday.
  4. Send monetary support to any of the various camps on the ground.

We want people to recognize that this fight is much larger than Standing Rock. When the Dakota Access Pipeline is defeated, the fight is not over. There are communities around the world fighting against the exact same corporations and systems that we currently fight against in Standing Rock. This is about Indigenous rights, Human rights and the rights of Mother Earth being violated for corporations and their profit. This is about a capitalist system that allows for these violations to continue around the World. This is about recognizing that with the energy created at Standing Rock and those organizing at Standing Rock have a responsibility to uplift the shared struggles of ALL Peoples, from all directions of Mother Earth if we wish to pass down a healthy world to future generations.

Additionally, recognizing that we are being charged with illegal activities for simply protecting the water, we are taking back our power and charging the pipeline companies, banks and individuals behind this project with crimes against Humanity and crimes against Mother Earth. The Dakota Access Pipeline is in direct violation of the United Nation’s Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, most especially around the right to free and prior informed consent, desecration, redress, militarization, development, treaties and judicial proceedings.

In addition, the Dakota Access Pipeline is in direct violation of the United Nation’s Declaration of Universal Human Rights, most especially in regards to the right to security of person, the right to not be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

The sacredness and power of the Water is what brought us together. It is what connects us. We cannot lose sight of that. That is why we are asking people to use the hashtag #WorldWaterOne, http://www.www.www.

Please stay active and check out the website to get involved!

Source: The Global Solidarity Campaign – #NoDAPL Solidarity