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A Nation of Traitors ~ by Lissa

In Memory of George and Pam Anderson


What can one say when a nation has betrayed you? As you look at the daily bombardment of negative news coming from leaders once placed on pedestals a shining examples of whom to call out to when their federal employees have committed crimes only to learn here in no one will help you, rather you’re thrust into a world of espionage, ambushes, sabotaged by rogue infiltrators known as perpetrators.

Within one’s mind, one can’t help but wonder what they were thinking when it is allowed upon its own people to become human subjects utilized like lab rats: Is this the America we grew-up knowing–the one taught to us on a daily basis? Of course not! This is not the country that taught us to wave flags on the 4th of July with parades of red, white and blues and Mom’s Apple Pie.

The lies my country told me… are unthinkable, now.

My generation was never told of secret committees, anymore than informed and warned of a shadow government and secret black projects. We were taught about our Bill of Rights, the Constitution and all of the amendments–to use them freely hold-up as a beacon of freedom, unlike any nation on the planet with the Statue of Liberty in mind, always. Told to take the Pledge of Alligence to ‘the flag for one nation under God,’ and ‘with Freedom and Justice for All’ each morning before the beginning of the school day was never frowned on rather it was the proper rule and something to be proud of, at least by this American because it stood for just that–Freedom and Justice for all, not for the have’s and ‘the’ shadow government and those they obviously rule over for profits regardless of who they hurt!’

What happened to that country is rather simple. Something I was taught as a child raised by my wonderful Grandparents who were filled with common intellect, not something any university nor college education can achieve. They knew telling me where our country would go to someday as I remember after the Kennedy’s, Lennon and King assassinations while having me watch Eisenhower’s last address whereby he warned Americans. But did anyone listen or do something about it? Yes but not nearly enough. Greed took over in America with our hands spread out across the world now. And some American’s have now fallen victim to the system whereby No Justice or Freedom is allowed and none of us that I speak of have been charged with any crime or wrong doings, rather the shadow government decided to use us for their multi-facet business schemes.

So when one thinks of our generation, that one where Freedom and Justice for all was pressed upon us daily, in reality we were lied to willfully as no one informed us of these things and now we’re victims of our country’s black projects. To get a fast comprehension of what I am writing about, please visit an ex-FBI agent who’s now a reported ‘sanctioned Targeted Individual.’

Read what we as Targeted Individuals have become victims of: The Program.

I believe Levin is telling us the truth for several reasons. Keep in mind the U.S. DoD works hand-in-hand with the CIA implementing these black budget programs for over sixty years now. That said, this author lived right by the CIA Torture rendition airport and it’s CIA airport Aero Contractors. This is where I too became a targeted individual with urged visits to the Ft. Bragg/Pope AFB not too far down the road. I am a witness to what many read about and I am here to tell you all of it-is-real. I came face to face with many on various levels. And in the end, watching the hard-nosed one’s take that ‘sanction.’ Some wear a strange ‘orchestrated’ smiles on their faces while others are obviously taught to , while other’s really do look literally programmed. Lissa

Than feel free to return here and leave a message but only if you’re a victim ‘or’ a proven advocate and activist for our cause.

If the reader is puzzling over what this author is talking about. Take a good look at the provided links and videos within these blogged pages. This is no longer a conspiracy, though plenty, if not most victims have been accused of such, as well as being ‘delusional’ and ‘paranoid.’ Oh really? All one needs to do is perform a Google search for the terms ‘mind control,’ ‘gang stalking,’ ‘electronic harassment,’ ‘electromagnetic frequencies harassment,’ ‘microwave harassment,’ ‘illegal implants’ and ‘surveillance’ whether it’s from Satellites, or See-thru-the-Wall technologies.

If one waits long enough, which I predict is right around the corner, I’m sure American’s will be seeing more than just this. Rather, your sure to see the added word ‘Drone,’ since Obama is releasing over 33,000 ‘more’ drones over our skies, though this author has pre-knowledge that Drones are already there and in various sizes.

I also know what some are used for. It’s not Constitutionally pretty, either.

Why? When did we become a nation of foot and air soldiers–in America, yet? Isn’t all of the air and ground militarization for that ‘War of Terror’ (the one we’re suppose to fighting over there, so as not to have to fight them over here ‘Bush, Jr.) enough? Are our illustrious leaders stating all the military build-up and Homeland Security, Fusion Centers, National Guards, Marines, Army, Air Force, and CERTs types (Emergency Responders), FEMA, Militarized Police, private NATO soldiers that are here standing up against our fellow Americans who’s right to peacefully protest are now gone-thanks to Obama (the constitutional Lawyer) are not sufficient enough to protect us?


We are now the Super-Power. No. We are the Super-Elite-Power of the world. Why, we can blow another country off the face of the earth thank’s to DARPA and echelon, and with all those Drones, what else is our leaders looking to do? I know personally we can wipe ourselves off the face of the earth with the electromagnetic and microwave frequencies technologies. I want to insert another ‘why.’ Regrettably, I have a comprehensive knowledge to that answer and it lies solely on one word: Greed. Most of our leaders have sold their souls to the highest military/government private contractors (all 34,000 that the Wash. Post is aware of) allowing them to turn our nation and others into a Surveillance Society. Just watch the three (3) NSA Whistleblowers [whom are now deemed enemies of the state] as they reveal their orders over the last several years i.e. ‘just find ‘um and fry ‘um,’ referring to The Monitoring of Americans–100s of Millions. I believe there are roughly 300 million registered Americans. Is this a self-induced bloodbath–a silent war on Americas?

Appears so. Yet, why?

I keep going back to this. Maybe its to fill-up all those empty privatized prisons. Or, maybe Obama has to rev-up the numbers giving back to the Medical, Science, Universities and Insurance companies who financially backed him elevating him into the office of Presidency. What a feat for the first African American. I don’t think Martin Luther King, Jr would be proud if he knew what all of this meant for a small, yet ever-growing portion of a silent majority of Americans, that of Victims or better known as Targeted Individuals (TIs). All one has to do is look at his written report when responding to the Bioethics Committee’s report which stemmed from the various Targeted Individuals who stood before the committee in March of 2011 giving testimonies of the abuse their suffering from.

If anyone wants to get a really good idea of what I’m actually writing about all you have to do is check out the various petitions online whereas victims are crying out for some damn body to give a damn and cease the inhumane experimentation’s performed on Americans (both home and abroad) to get a better idea of what they’re going through. This is certainly, at least in this authors opinion why the NSA, CIA, FBI and on and on, have been told to go out and just ‘find us and fry us.’ Someone has to keep those financial numbers of for what has become a Nation of traitors. Of course, most Americans are so busy watching American Idol, I doubt they’d have the mindset to be interested in our problems. We can also thank those illustrious connected perpetrators for destroying our creditability both in the Internet communities and at home within our societies.

What happened to the Civilized nation we aspired to be? To commit treason acts upon one’s own citizen’s used within their confines of their homes and every waking aspect of their lives utilizing War Weapons and Technological studies on their own citizens leaves this victim speechless. What kind of scientists commit these acts? Where are the hero’s within our intelligence and military communities who’ll speak-up against these crimes-against-humanity? Who will be the first to step up to the plate and help us before another one of us dies needlessly? Does all of our government employees believe this is okay?–To use us as unwitting participants in these testings and experimentation’s? Many Targeted Individuals, self included, know personally that we were placed into these programs not just unwittingly but as personal vendettas and means of silencing us–destroying everything about us including our reputations (which is found in the below DoD Directives) for big lawyers, or we just ran into the wrong military member at the sad wrong place in out lives and yes, it was as payback. Still, not everyone is the same. No two people think and feel exactly alike. Are there not any of some level of power within any of the countless entities mentioned here, that give a damn enough to put an end to this?

No, I suppose not. Which is why I entitled this ‘A Nation of Traitors.’ The sad irony is most of us were placed into some secret committee’s secret database, probably filed at a secret FISA court closed forever even to a Targeted individuals’ hired attorney, that is, if we can find one to represent us. Until this author sees a real American hero stand-up for our civil rights I will just assume that everything I learned in history was based on a lie. That my country is just that–that Nation of Traitors. Any nation that states they do not torture, but does so otherwise, and allow their own people to be slow-touch murdered without given even a day in court or to hear a response to the letters and testimonies where we plead for our government to stop assaults us, can be nothing else but just that.

God, save the Queen… Has God abandoned America? I think America has abandoned God and all forms of Spirituality of true substance. If we ever find our way back to sane justice I’ll proudly state ‘Yes.’ So for the sake of what’s left of a Democratic-Republic–what the United States ‘use’ to stand for ‘for and by the people,’ I created this site that is only for those ‘targeted’ by a Nation that has been willfully filled — with — Traitors!

Read about how America got to where we are now based on facts–what I witnessed and fell prey to. It is this author’s pure desire to help all sanctioned targeted individuals who now fight daily just to stay alive by this nation’s traitors.

My deepest apologies to the victims in all other countries, most sincerely. Lissa

Former FBI Agency Bob Levin, now self-professed Sanctioned Targeted Individual defining with other Whistleblowers what ‘The Program’ is truly all about on a Global scale:

Go directly to the Forward index area for this book.


  1. Apart from some errors in possessive usage, [such as “who’s” when you meant whose in “private NATO soldiers that are here standing up against our fellow Americans who’s right to peacefully protest are now gone”]

  2. I think you saw my article on “Simulacra”:
    Human beings want freedom, truth, justice, etc. and all “they” are willing to give us is a simulacra of those ideals.
    Sad. This is truly a nation betrayed by those who control it.
    I love your quotes, by the way!
    I’m going to put that photo of Lady Liberty up right now.

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