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McCarthyism: Good Night and Good Luck

So you know, I have semi-survived COINTELPRO, Medical Records falsified repeatedly, shot with lasers, tazers, masers, Electromagnetics, frequencies, biochipped (illegally), microwaved, doctors turned against me and a few that were in on it that aided in shooting me with radiation (yes-lethal levels); and a slew of other air and ground devices and its not over for me yet. I moved into a CIA TORTURE taxi contractors airport area in the country (tricked) into moving there, I was up against the CIA and DoD from Ft. Bragg / Pope AFB, infamous for CIA Military Black Psyop on American citizens taught on University levels though I had no idea at the time. Un-wittingly, I moved on to Florida and was surrounded by (3) three SUVs with 3 separate tags from each state I drove through as if I’d escaped from a federal prison. Upon moving into my 3rd home in less than 4 years I would learn my life and reputation and everything about me and my late-husband had been dismantled–destroyed. I have come a long way in my struggle for freedom and while my life has been struck down I intend to continue until I can not any longer.

To those of COINTELPRO I would say this: SCAM–beat it, you couldn’t handle half I’ve been thru.

I am here to help any and all in their struggle to be free. If you need any assistance I can at least try to guide you by telling you what to do (do not fear, do no run, face the wind and live free or die) and what not to do (which is the same–don’t run, face them no matter who they are).


Understanding McCarthyism

When accused of treason and other so-called non-American acts… its’ happened in prior U.S. history. Today, ‘targets’ are in bigger trouble: We’re facing War Weapons and your FBI DOJ file is now in the hands of national databases. This can be done by anyone to anyone without their knowledge. One might not learn about this for years and years than its too late. I know.

Witch Hunt against Free Speech puts people on secret lists: Its’ going on today but much worse. See/Search for NSA Whistleblowers on this site. Try having a CIA agent watch and ride with you on a Train from NC to Fl. The hat gave it away in case he’s watching.

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