Jesse Ventura’s Targeted Individuals – Brain Invaders

Watch in Full: First Jesse’s TI segment, then Mike German (Former FBI Counter Terrorism who left the FBI over the POST911 Policies for the ACLU to ‘change’ these policies), than Jesse Ventura’s segment ‘Brain Invaders.

On behalf of All the Citizens of the United States of America, We Collectively and Resoundingly Hope, Wish, and Pray that you declare your candidacy for the American Presidency for the upcoming 2016 election.

In such Troubled Times the American People need an Honest, Brave, and Nonpartisan person of Integrity to Restore America to the Vision Our Founding Fathers had when they first sought to Create this Great Nation.

JOIN to help JESSE win in 2016 as a NO-PARTY President – He was a Govenor

Go to TruTV & Jesse Ventura’s site

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura | Online Episodes Streaming

One thought on “Jesse Ventura’s Targeted Individuals – Brain Invaders

The US has been Infiltrated by Mass-Murdering Khazarian Nazi's w/the Secret Space Program

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