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Freemasons: The Inside Facts – How Rogue Feds have so much Power | False Flags | DePopulation

U-S-House-H-RES-233-via-MyGov365-com literally idolizing the Freemasons placing them high on a pedestal. Laws are made yet someone within one of ‘the’ top leading positions of OSHA told me that laws can also be changed. It’s not an easy task though. If people together can lobby their Congressional leaders with letters maybe it can change. Till then, Stasi-Decomposition shall continue.

Freemason’s Online Free Booklet

Their leaders are not so worthy afterall

Freemason Symbols and Ceremonies For Dummies
For those who are captivated by the Freemasons,Freemason Symbols& Ceremonies For Dummies takes you into the world of this secret Fraternal organization, explaining all things mysterioud from its elaborate rituals and cryptic rites, to its curious symbols and their meanings. Brought to you by the author ofFreemasons For Dummies, readers will get the inside scoop on what goes on in a Masonic meeting, what’s behind that secret hand shake, and why Masons wear aprons. You’ll understand the true purposes of Masonic “secrecy” and philosophy and discover related organizations like the Knights Templar, the Scottish Rite, and other York Rite Bodies. Explore the controversies and conspiracy theories that swirl around this organization and discover the cool Masonic sites at the center of Dan Brown’s bestselling novelThe Lost Symbol. Via Writer’s website: and connected directly to ThE Rockerfeller EDU Institute where research is performed i.e. Neuroscience which is what rogue NSA uses in their Stasi-Decomposition Frequencies testing. This Institution is part of that 1 percent ruling group, the Rockerfellers

Isn’t this what that shooter majored in, the one who recently went on a movie-theatre killing spree? Yes.


  1. bcointelpro says:

    Fierce Times Are Coming by Derek Prince

    Although I STILL don’t fully understand the religious angle of Cointelpro OSEH, one definitely does exist tho nobody seems courageous enough to specify it in fullness (Julia McKinney tapped on it a bit in an interview but didn’t really fully state the exact religion she knew to mostly control this) – perhaps because whichever religion/cult that has the MOST influence on today’s rapidly growing NWO Nazism & Holocaust Population Testing also appear to have a very deep presence in the Whitehouse. Now I think its obvious CIA controls the main “internal” religous/cult/nazism/eugenics American Movement Within Whitehouse BUT there still seems to be an either Bogus or Real Religious/Cult connection to President/DOJ/Congress that I just can’t fully grasp or confirm.

    Now many TIs have voiced beliefs that FreeMASONS are at the helm of all this Evil BlackOps & SyOps and that is likely TRUE but there is also definitely a direct connection to the Administration at the highest level. Why do I say this? Because as a TI who has gotten a little close in the FOIA strategy to try and legally confirm exactly what has been done to me/us, I’ve learned that these crimes are officially entitled, “Classified Top-Secret National Security Human Subject Research Experiments” and some TIs are further provided a FOIA Denial statute that brodly warns of “ESPIONAGE.” Now here is where I know these crimes are NOT all rogue but in fact approved by Whitehouse b/c this is the exact same tactic/technique of intimidation and threat that DOJ uses on ALL Whistleblowers they view as serious threats….hence that’s also why these programs are stated to be classified ‘In the Name of National Security.’ THIS FACT I BELIEVE IS THE ESSENCE OF ANY FUTURE POSSIBILITY OF TI’s EVER HAVING THEIR DAY IN COURT because essentially our government has, without any legitimate authority, CHOSEN people to torture and assassinate for the government’s own purpose and need to test and perfect its National Security Strategy of Military War Weaponries and Psychological Combat….so we’re just irrelevant non-human/guineapig test objects to them AND once they’ve effectively used us, there can be no reason they’d have to allow us to continue to live and possibly expose the horiffic crimes they’ve committed against us – against our will and without our consent hence we then become a “threat” to be forever surveillance, monitored and neutralized for SILENCE.

    Re Freemason angle, yes I agree they definitely hold SOME influence but its not just them alone….they are one of several Globalist/Nazi/NWO/Illuminati/Elite/Eugenecist Groups involved.

    But what I really wanted to ask you about was, “Don’t you think RIGHT NOW during this specific time of presidiential exposure of corruption is the best time for TI’s to really surge their official complaints and reports on our Involuntary & Nonconsensual Military-Involved and DOJ-Coveredup Intelligence-Agency Crimes Against Humanity that’s being secretly executed against us in the name of ‘National Security?’ Citizens and even some Corp Media are now starting to awaken with a little courage to rightfully question this Admin re corruption and continued complete disregard for the Constitution and its NOT all Rightwingers either. People are starting to realize that DOJ and Our Nazi-NWO Intelligence Agencies regularly use “National Security” as an excuse to secretly commit Government Crimes (violating E.O. 13526 Sec1.7) and THIS I believe IS VERY IMPORTANT to our dilemma and fight for survival. I wanted to reach out to a few Knowledgeable TI’s to see what you all think about this paticular time of opportunity for exposure, i.e., both Dem & GOP citizens are now comparing the latest Govmt Criminal Coverups to WATERGATE. YET imagine what would happen to our country and the world and our cause IF someone of significant influence was able to mass publicize our torture at such an “awakening” time.

    SO I’M BEGGING ALL TI’s OUT THERE TO NOW BOMBARD THEIR U.S. SENATORS AND REPS WITH REMINDERS OF OUR ILLEGAL TORTURES THAT ENSLAVE AND CRIPPLE OUR FREEDOM, HEALTH AND FINANCES ‘IN THE NAME OF BOGUS/FAKE NATIONAL SECURITY.’ Lissa what do you think of this particular time? Please let me know of any credible TI campaigns in process that coincide with my angry/desperate/targeted desire towards getting the attention of Congress, Supreme Court and most importantly the American people because NOW just seems like one of the best and opportune times we may get to finally make others “hear” what we’re saying esp since our tortures and slow-kills are sooo heinous that to NON-TI’s cannot even comprehend it as possibly being real….JUST IMAGINE HOW EVIL THAT FACT MAKES WHAT THEY’VE DONE TO US. I just believe that this is an opportunist time for TI’s to try with ALL our might to finally be heard. ~ Aristotle1865

  2. bcointelpro says:

    Also on the right side of this site where a TI illustrates her torture and human experimentation via a picture of her swolen foot, THAT IS EXACTLY HOW MY FEET LOOKED ALONG WITH ABNORMAL SWOLLEN ANKLES & KNEES during May 2011 when they almost killed me via Radiation Syndrome that made me become so deathly ill that I was rushed to hospital with Bleeding Ulcers, Blood Pressure Escalation, Unable to walk without crutches b/c my foot/ankle/knees also swole up in a strange kind of way exactly as this TI’s picture shows….the doctors also suctioned out significant levels of fluids from my knees but could not remove any from my feet/ankle which was also very ashy with skin peeling off and very sore too. I don’t know what the “feet/ankle/knee” thing means BUT just wanted to comment on that picture b/c that’s exactly how my feet looked – if not worse. THOSE BASTARDS ARE TERRORISTS OBSESSED WITH CHANGING OUR BODIES, DNA, GENOME, MINDS AND BEHAVIORS! ~Aristotle1865

    • Aristotle, those are my feet–they did that to me for six months straight ‘after’ they shot NANO GOO in my left ear as i crawled across the floor of my home morning, noon and night. I could barely walk. They even took a video of my feet and legs walking along the beach, sent it to me through Youtube, while they stalked, preyed upon me online and off as they still do both air and ground — this has reached into all levels of society because SATAN walks amongst us now: These are Satanists… think of Satan with a clown face laughing evily… this is them males, females, young, old, many are encouraged misinterrupting the Bible (Mormons for Transhumanism). They depleted our resources, destroyed the earth. They’re dropping NANO PARTICULATES from God’s skies using Chemtrails. Yes, THESE ROTTEN EVIL BASTARDS & BITCHES are DOMESTIC GLOBAL TERRORISTS OBSESSED WITH DNA ALTERING, USING US FOR TARGET PRACTICE & MIND BEHAVIORS.

      SICK, EVIL, they target babies in the womb, their SOULLESS CRETENs. This is wicked times. Listen to this. Its the truth & going on now.
      I hate them — it takes all I have not to strike them down when I’m out and about! I know how wicked they are.

      THey even put an illegal covert MRI & IMPLANT in my toe — all of this was done within 60 days of Moving to Florida by God’s Ocean that is filthy, and the skies are littered with CHEMTRAILS (CHEMICAL DEATH DUMPS) while they use DEATH NOISES (Noise Campaign) on me. THE CIA DOD ARE DESTROYING THIS WORLD FOR THEIR NWO ELITE LUNATICS & we the people!

      Fierce Times Are Coming by Derek Prince

    • I meant to tell you the swelling of our feet is reportedly damage they’ve done to our hearts, according to two separate TI nurses… But I’m fairly sure its from them hitting me there with cold-fusion like microwaves.

  3. bcointelpro says:

    Thanks for sharing this TRUTH and he’s right…Moral & Ethical Corruption (or should it be Immoral & Unethical Corruption?) IS Irreversable and in fact end times are indeed now upon us; this is a truth that any real TI can testify to….think of what we’re confronted with…..its actually quite unbelievable…..yes I too try and not obsess over it and just keep on keeping on BUT how does one ignore it when he or she is stalked/invaded/exploited/violated 24/7 via Remote Neural Monitoring, Strange High-Ptiched Scratchy Sounds in home intentionally enhanced whenever U bathe or otherwise use bathroom b/c in THEIR minds, human degredation, humiliation and loss of privacy and dignity are the goals WHILE they electronically rape and experiment on U as if U were merely a disposable lab-rat guineapig and I won’t even mention the accompanying high-pitch sound devices that surround my home & go offi wheneve I walk out for any reason…..or what about those friend BlackOp Helicopters that hover over our roofs, the community lies/slander, the professional blacklisting aka getting us fired & destroying our prof credibilities with clients and colleagues b/c who knows the exact horiffic slanderous lies regarding the fake NSL’s they hand over to our employers, banks etc AND THAT’S WHY I HATE THEM SO MUCH!! I am truly searching for a loophole or otherwise an opening to EXPOSE these crimes and will definitely take such opportunity at my first opportunity.

    I really need to speak with an attorney ritght now…..I really do….we all do. And just listen to all these Republicans and Corp Media going completely bizerk over AP Wiretapping & IRS Corruptions….what will they say when/if they became aware that DOJ & Friends Audito & Visually Monitored these journalists & jouranlists’ homes 24/7 via RemoteNeuralMonitoring WHILE Radiating, Torturing & Elecronically Raping AND Beaming AND Lasering the journalist aka Presumed Whistleblower with VERY LETHAL Nonlethal Military War Weapons Being Developed/Perfected for War Combat W/O CONSENT, NOTIFICATION, COMPENSATION OR MEDICAL? So Americans & Corp Media have no idea of even who our Government really is…..the lack of knowlege and consciousness by others about these unspeakable realities are also incomprehensible to the TI Victim/Survivor who is just left on his/her own to merely survive it – THIS after being stripped of access to ALL prior influential and financial resources…..WE TI’S REALLY ARE HEROIC BEINGS.

    On foot note, actually my feet looked waaaaay more swolen than yours and was covered with shafing/pealing red/hot/dry crusty skin and no lotion or cream was able to heal or treat it… was really strange and lasted about 2 1/2 months… the time, I did not even connect it to the actual Govmt Radiation Weapons attacks…..I actually thought it to be a coinsidence… I no longer believe in coinsidences. Anyhow I’m staying in the fight for the long hall and probably for the remainder of my life….today I wrote letters to elected officials to make myself feel better….when will ANY respond? Bottom Line for me is: Holder should be fired and Obama should be impeached…..not just for the recent public scandals BUT BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY’VE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO ME, MY SON, YOU AND THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS OF OTHER FELLOW UNWITTING TI VICTIMS (some unaware of their future fate). These crimes are waaaaay worst than Watergate and are exactly what JFK was trying to warn America of……this is so very deep when you consider the entire scope of this very real criminal conspiracy. II need my life back and I also need to know others will be punished/prosecuted for what has happened to me and my son….how dare these Treasonous Traitors think that they can just exploit us like this! ~ Aristotle1865

    • Right-on, Aristotle… you speak for me. If you read-up enough on what their doing, and they will continue until they have completely destroyed the earth with us along with it, and themselves… I sent letters to the Sen and House — almost all came back as if they don’t exist.

      I sit quietly in the background of a email newsgroup for FOIA. They are complaining about not getting access to files,and are obviously IGNORANT to what’s going on.. they have no idea. None. Have they got a rude awakening to loss of freedoms and a govt who’s inept, corrupt and committing treasons and wars on its people.

      Like you I will continue to try until my dying day. I hate these bastards and bitches–the more I see them, the less I fear them. I just don’t fear evil, not from those killing us. I chose to hold the armor of GOD and fortitude of Jesus… something they DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT — rather the OPPOSITE.

      They’ve shot thru my Bible, repeatedly while I used it to shield my face and head.

      This is END TIMES because of these pilfers.

    • God be with you and your son this weekend, Aristole.

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