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Electronic Harassment Seriously grave, torturous acts perpetrated upon innocent, defenseless citizens by the FBI CIA DOD HDS NTSD

Electronic Harassment
The photos below you’re about to see are true. The names and places will surprise one. Those who hold various governmental jobs and neighborhood watch type programs, are senselessly torturing and killing innocent, defenseless lives across America. All of the types of people I am writing about are reportedly fellow American citizens with good paying jobs of high-caliber. All have a seemingly endless array of weapons at their disposal and think nothing of willfully using these weapons for personal vigilantism gone horribly and destructively wrong. Yes, these things are going on right now in America, as I shall attempt to define these issues at great lengths with hopes of informing the public on a level they too will comprehend.

UPDATE: The FBI CIA & DOD are making it appear it’s right-wing extremists when in fact its disinformation. They are using those who are members of extremists groups, greedy, politically motivated, corrupt, strong nationalists and or patriotic-phanatics, and criminal networks using and in turn turning them against future ‘targets’ seen as vulnerable for the bloated, over-whelming and massive government type contractors (at least 34,000 according to the Washington Post/Dana Priest & William Arkin’s articles ‘Top Secret America’ and the ACLU’s ‘The Monitoring of America) for testing of their energy and war-weapons, and anything that contributes to investments and corporate and local businesses for anything related directly or indirectly with the war on terror post 911. It’s an obvious lucrative business since post 911 to continue a war that makes trillions annually.

Seriously grave, torturous acts are being perpetrated upon innocent, defenseless citizens extremely painful acts perpetrated in the silence of American victims homes. I am a victim of horrendous crimes that must cease as I am being murdered by the thugs I shall describe now.

I refuse to sit silently any longer. By remaining silent, we consistently allow these attacks to continue. Certainly one faces incarceration, however this seems to be the only solution to bring the facts to the surface. When one is placed in a situation whereas one can not be refused council, the opposing side must deliberate openly or face what the other side of the Neighborhood Watch murder of the 17 year old Trayvon case has met: Public Outcry because this is exactly where ‘Gang Stalking’ and the placement of victims to be listed into national, and now seemingly worldwide databases begins into either Black, later Red listing begins, in both American ‘and’ Abroad. It does start with someone in position who contacts a government and or connected party in a federal/DOD position and from that point on every aspect of our lives are shared in databases known as Homeland Security later shared with Fusion Centers. This information is processed taking years to develop as the victim is watched, and shadow-followed as the victim’s world begins to come crashing down all around him/her. Note the similarities as neighbors begin to act cold, while strangers stare at you as if you committed a horrible act. This is part of ‘the program,’ for lack of better terms. The CIA and FBI are probably used to ‘find us and fry us,’ quoting the recent NSA whistleblowers account; according to these hero’s the concerns they placed their careers and lives on the line for (noted now as US enemies of the state) will get gravely worse with the new NSA Utah based facility in the process of construction reportedly5 times larger than the ones used now since the Bush 911 time-frame. I was told it would be a literal ‘blood bath,’ as I watched many from my home state of Maryland literally ‘head for the hills’ and seek areas within the country without ‘Microwave Towers.’ This was during a time when a lawyer and his croonies were stalking me, as locals were meeting inside their homes and a homeland security officer was destroying me while local’s children and others began treating me as if I were the sudden attraction of a horrific smear campaign. I watched as the same thing happened moving to North Carolina yet worse as I moved to the ‘wrong spot’ in CIA TORTURE KKK NAZI country (these are not descriptive words) rather the factual reality. Looking back if I could have stopped all of it from transpiring I would had stood up to that officer and lawyer and not ran. Than, I moved to Florida and all hell broke loose literally War Weapons wise. I had no idea these things existed prior. To say my innocence is lost is putting it mildly. It’s when I realized a HIT JOB was placed upon me.

    Attacked with projectiles, biological, chemicals, unknown Ionized radiation, lasers, tazers, electronic frequencies, microwave radiation–all from stalking pilots though at first it begins with those on the local level making one assume it’s coming from their cars when in reality its Satellite and or remote neural based monitoring. The victim is defensively in their homes, yards, stores, doctor offices, jobs and car. Personally, I can not exit the rear of my home without being hit by those on the ground with microwave beams and lasers, all filled with radiation and other unknown biological warfare while utilizing warfare tactical and psychological assaults.

The things mentioned in the above paragraph sounds like something one would hear about on the nightly news, or read online as an event occurring in some foreign country i.e. Iran. It is not. Sadly, its happening right here in America and its a literal murder spree and for the life of me I can not understand why this is occurring. Electromagnetic Frequencies, , beam/biochemical/and Microwave Lethal Ionizing Radiation and other Directed Energy Weaponry as well as severe criminal COINTELPRO Stalking, unethical torturous illegal levels of surveillance against me, including poisoning of my foods. I am a witness to his abuse of weaponry against me, my body, everywhere in my home including outside, when I walk my dog, which frightens me causing me to remain indoors–under his criminal behaviors he/they have willfully committed attempted murder and the obvious wilful intent of murder upon me. I hold he/them directly accountable for my entire well-being. I can prove factually, see log files, each morning ‘consistently’ I receive a phone call from Orlando, FL where a Fusion Center is reported to be located. At this exact time, I am assaulted with an unknown force which is always directed related to the stalking by pilot(s) and the sound of the same revving motorcycle. The consistencies are too remarkable to be a coincidence. The video evidence should prove this, as well.

Note the photos below and the difference.

The swelling is from willful attempts attacks from weapons of mass destruction. I consider these acts blatant attempted-murder I referred to prior to researching online and still do today, that of ‘DOMESTIC BIOTERRORISM’ perpetrated upon my body day and night by a passing pilot(s), murderers on the ground, and in town when wherever I go. This is the most insane, illegal, federally offensive actions I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The way people act nowadays is past despicable–its federally offensive and I refuse to tolerate it another day. I have no earthly idea as to why people with planes, helicopters and satellites, uavs, hoverers are at my bedroom window during the first few months upon moving to Florida, but I have had enough. Its overwhelming obvious that people in America are past out of control. While the grownups are working hard to run this country, their employees have went on a massive murder spree and I have become a victim of an obvious hit job. I will not tolerate this. Someone needs to be the grown-up. I have had 911 in my area call me out of know where as I sat quietly at my computer a few months back. She said, and correct me if I’m wrong their calls would have to be monitored and recorded, that I phoned 911 when in fact I was on a long distance call with an acquaintance from New York. I downloaded the file showing I did not call their 9/11. Then, I was struck thru the chest with a laser and I have been told by those in the know these things are in fact Lethal. Without having any prior knowledge of these forms of weaponry, no one had to explain this to me as it’s the most abnormal chain of events I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life–coming from me, that’s stating an awfully lot

These are the most cruel, and inhumane senseless acts of Domestic Terrorism I never thought I’d be online having to research, and study much less write about. It leaves me literally speechless at the level of those with good jobs, great benefits during one of the worst economic downfalls in America, to act like a bunch of childish, out of control terrorist that I have had the displeasure of having to deal with.

There must be someone in America who is grown-up and is not into Terrorism. During my research I have found countless conference calls by those also under attack in the privacy of their homes and cars, many fleeing from their homes and loosing everything–yes, they are homeless, that is if they survive the brutality of these disgusting attacks. As an American I find it all disgusting. I am ashamed of those that use this form of abuse then portray themselves to the protectors of our societies. What does one have to do to stop this madness?

I am an American. I shall not tolerate another senseless attack utilizing American monies when the fact remains, these weapons of mass destruction are supposed to be used on real Terrorist, not by those that act like Terrorist whereas they are attacking Americans, generally middle-aged defenseless women whom are reportedly accused of being Terrorist when the entire act in and of within itself is just that: Domestic Terrorism.

As an American, whose life has been utterly destroyed by these senseless acts I do hereby vowel that if it takes every breath I have, and it certainly will, I fully intend to find out how to stop these disciple acts before they literally send me to my early grave. We are a country based on laws. All laws are created just as all laws are made to be changed. Our system can not survive without these things in place.

In closing, I know that the Patriot Act and its revisions in 2011 did not state that attempted murder, and murder has been slashed off the records, any more than murderous slander, and destruction of a human beings life. I find it overwhelming absurd that TIs continue to churn week in and week-out the constant muttering of these attacks without never once actually acting on the ‘let’s do this…’ Its never going to happen. When one needs a job done, one must do so for themselves, no matter what the obstacles are one faces. I would know. I did not come this far in life to be attacked by weapons. It does not matter where I live–this is what I must face. So in order to try to cease these indescribable, and despicable acts it is my hopes to release to every public entity that I can find, the reports that I have attempted to construct here on this log. However non-essential these writings may be, all of this has been done under extreme duress and with much haste.

I do hereby present to the viewing public photos of my legs. There is a tremendous difference from one year to another. As well, I have seen doctors in this community and not one can state they have observed my legs and feet looking as they do. I refuse to hear local authorities tell me that this is my fault; that I allowed these things to happen because they know what they’ve done to me, and I hold each and every one of them accountable. Matter of fact, I do not want any of them to lay one damn hand on me.. these childish

THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT  May 2012 – Taken days ago of my toes, feet, ankles and legs. One can see they are severely, and grotesquely swollen, as are the bottom of my feet. They feel as if they shall explode. I am in tremendous pain. I read on the DOD & Biotechics report, as well as President Obama’s Moral Report, that even willing participants are not to be subjected to anything that hurts more than going to a Dentist. Its online if anyone needs a reminder. I know I am under twenty-four hour surveillance, and can prove of these oddities via videos. Someone is supposed to be held accountable. Until these things occur I shall document everything, from this point forward. In Florida my feet should look good as I have a pool and am in a much sunny, warmer climate but this is what Domestic DoD Homland Fusion Center Terrorist have done to me and others in the U.S.A.

UPDATE: July 2012: Now the weapons that hit my feet cause unusual swelling in strange shapes. Their now hitting me constantly in my ankles legs and other areas of my body, as well as electricuting me.

MY NORMAL FEET: SECOND PHOTO TO THE LEFT: May 2011 – This photo was taken just months prior to moving to Florida, in North Carolina. My notes state I was documenting Electromagnetic frequencies I was subjected to while living there in a brand new home I sold. You can plainly see the difference. I believe the probability of my feet changing at such a magnitude would establish proof of evidence. If this is not deemed enough and with full prejudice I do hereby report that until the first week of July 2011, I went to countless doctors in Georgia, Maryland and North Carolina receiving full blood works and medical evaluations including CTs, MRIs and X-rays–Not one showed any forms of illness as all lung(s) and x-rays came back in the negative, as did all other blood works, including all the blood work I received in Palm Coast, Florida. I have tried 5 doctors here. 4 laugh at me who do not know me refusing to touch me in a way one can not prove less they’ve been discredited behind their back (BLACK RED LIST local funnies): COINTELPRO NSA CIA HDS COVER-UPS.

I do suffer from the following: Spinal Degenerative Disease, Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel, Mild Depression and Some anxieties.  suffered crushed vertebrae in the back near region, mid and lower back, and a medically mended right ankle. The crushed vertebrae were never attended to, not due to my not seeking medical assistance, rather from Right-Wing Extremists committing injustices hate crimes upon me, by preventing me from any forms of medical attention and the deliberate destruction of my medical records–falsification, and willful neglect. All of my medical exams produced clear, healthy lungs as, heart and all main organs, as well as all other organs. I was informed I had a bone disease. I believe this to be truth, however my Spinal Degeneration that I have needed Spinal fusion surgery for, for years is highly documented. I have never suffered from any other ailments, nor have I any medical history of anything wrong with my intestines, spleen, liver, kidneys, and have passed all medical exams with healthy, flying colors, except for my Spinal Degenerative Disease and crushed vertebrates. I did try to receive medical attention, traveling from NC to MD, than from NC to GA but I was consistently and viciously, as well as criminally followed, hounded and chased-down by groups in cars and motorcycles (as if I were a terrorist) thought it was they acted like Domestic Terrorist on American soil,  while those that perpetrated these crimes against me attacked me with electronic and laser devices while driving on major highways and yes, most were locals. I could point them out to this day with precision accuracy if asked to do so.

If anything has been omitted, it is from extreme hardships perpetrated upon me by the US GOVT employees whom I deem dangerous to the well-being of the nation, and me.


  1. Yama Guchie says:

    I was living a peaceful life and have a good job but life changed alot since I went to my hometown and started to feel that my neighbors are monitoring me like what they called “Neighborhood Monitoring” like a surveillance and one night I was hit by an electric shock that felt like a sting of a bee and burned my neck and started to feel sick and loss my memory for several hours, I’m living in the Philippines and I was reading this site and similar scenario happened several times like stalkiing, monitoring of my private life, broke in to my house,and also experience character assassination which destroy my personal life.

    • DOD CIA now follow the same guidelines as FBI. If you have HDS there, its probably them. Neighborhood Watch is financed thru your federal level derived from the FBI Infra Guard. It’s a literal bloodbath because everyone is war-happy (money making–Big government contractors) are the only ones making money while the economy is ready to crash even more. The Philippines is part of the US. Check to see if your cops are HDS and if there are Fusion Centers nearby. Also your cops are probably militarized now working with DOD sadly. Post as often as you like and ask questions. That’s what this site is for. There is no where to go where you’d be safe. Stay where you are and learn to survive on your own without any of their help. I almost drowned the other day saving my 130 pound dog; ‘they’ were watching and waited than flew by slowly as if to mock me. The DOD can and will destroy your reputation. I only speak the truth as a widow. Read the front page again. You’ll understand why I’m saying it like it is. God bless you. Hope more whistleblow to save our countries from an insane fall into madness.

    • Please write back. I’m glad to be receiving fellowship from abroad. I want to know your safe in this insane world.

    • Neighborhood Watch is the bases for the beginning stages of (aka) Gang Stalking, Reputation Destruction, and one’s life totally destroyed before one’s eyes. The reality is, its’ known as ‘The Program’ and sadly is Government sponsored (terrorism) against its people. Neighborhood Watch is ‘See Something – Say Something’ i.e. CERTs, TIPS started by Infra Guard (Google to learn who is behind this). Neighborhood Watch is started by either neighbors, yet generally pushed/supported by Homeland Security and/or Fusion Centers that are either federally funded thru DC yet either way the fundings are believed to come-in from international wall street investors making them ‘unknown.’ Also, many are military (See DOD Directives) on my site for the definition and links. You won’t believe what you’ll read. Sadly, its exactly like the beginnings of the Stasi ‘Decomposition’ during Stalin’s reign combined with the atrosities of the Nazism under Adolf Hitler. Look for Top Secret America and the Monitoring of America in the search box for this site and GOD BLESS YOU. Life is pure hell nowadays. I hope Peace comes our way, soon.

    • This happens to me almost daily… I get electroshocks, and pinpricks… I get short term memory loss… already had the character assasination, lost job, etc, etc. I hope you’re still hanging in there.

  2. gangstalkedbytherichanddemented says:

    They are hitting my head with something and it burns. Any idea how to stop the sick shits? I really need help burying these sick shits.

  3. Thanx for posting that… I have a question: When you pul that page up in your browser, does the video show up? I have something wrong with my computer, & I never see the videos posted on wordpress.

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