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Electromagnetic Pulse & Microwave Weapons


Chris and family (a Relator) now a victim of DOD CIA FBI NSA POLICE EMF & HARRASSMENT


Presidential Bioethics Commission – Full HD

More Videos:

A few (Of countless many) Targeted Individuals Speak

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  1. That’s why I made two videos and I truly believe we are headed for a big awakening hope you all like it and give me your input

    number 2

  2. oops sorry this is no 2
    and it was removed by facebook

  3. im being targeted by this right now, i constantly feel a beam of energy pulsing through my body even in my forehead….

    • Know the feeling. Sorry to hear, James. Seems to be way more of us… some say maybe a Million or more, in the states alone. Some of it is Radio Frequencies (IR). Some say its just Gwen towers, others Satellites and or HAARP. I think most of it stems from DARPA AF/Marines research labs near D.C.

      Glad you found this site. Post anytime. If you have a story/video etc you’d like to post, hit the Gravatar on the right sidebar to email me.

    • Do you shield? If so what have you found to be useful? Do they target you when you go out and about? Drive? I ask because they target me 24/7. Do they hit your nervous system, too? Smart Dust splatters? Thanks James. Hope you return.

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