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COINTELPRO: Justice Is Gone in the US & ABROAD

COINTELPRO is back with a vengence destroying countless lives, including this authors, under the guise of medical experimentations, medical surveillances, medical task forces and military training, military assaults by those Dana Prists of the Washington Post’s op Secret America,’ and Amy Goodman of Democracy Now has investigated.


My mail was opened so I’d know, belongings ruffled through, strange local prostitutes hung out side my home yelling obscenities at me when I’d come or go from my home. I didn’t know them and tried to reason with them when the one grabbed the others arms and said, ‘Don’t, you know what we were told–we’re not suppose to like her.’ Both looked at me with sad eyes. I told them it was okay. Still, they continued on yelling at everyone to not buy my home. I stood by helplessly as the local Fire truck stopped now and than blowing their loud horn and laughing. I placed that wonderful house on the market, and fled like a fool. I’ll never do it again. Everyone acted out skits known as Street Theater, to cause me to spiral down into a living-nightmare. It seemed like so many were treating me bizarrely in orchestrated manners, people I’d never met prior.

Then one day, as I walked into my home the locked closet had been broken-into. Someone stole the legal documents that without a shadow of doubt proved I would have won the case emphatically. That it was not my husband’s fault. Thanks to those two kindly older folks who quietly came through my home twice. If there still around I thank them. However, its strange that others knew exactly where to go for those locked-up files, open the locked, hidden boxes and steal them. No lawyer would touch it though all felt sorry for me and stated they knew I’d been done horribly wrong. I’d never seen so many lies, and destruction of my car, home and interior property, and my life. Than others came to me and said they were all given early retirement. They tried to forewarn me but like everyone else, no one crossed the COINTELPRO lines, all in fear of that lawyer and that Cop. He as a HSD, young, he took a job away from the good ones. One was left with no alternative but to sell cars for a living, loosing everything. I hope he’s doing fine. They were good people there. Can’t go back, but I should have stayed in the area. This is an important lesson learned. When we victims are wildly forced out of communities and homes, its important to note, each time you move it cost more money and everything ‘they’re’ doing to us will just follow us–their mission is to drive us to homelessness. Those that are now state ‘stay where you are,’ because they know.

Then suddenly everything stopped. All was fine. I was told by unusual strangers that he’d/they’d never bother me again. I could live in peace. I’d done nothing wrong.

Still, all of the above was classic signs of COINTELPRO. I took my home off the market, signing relief. Then, that cop, the pal of the lawyer came to the door, hiding his car behind my huge bushes, pinned me up against the wall of my then front porch and threatened me by Tazering my dog. By then, being still innocent to the ways of the world, he terrified me. That had never happened to me prior, cops were always my pals, acquaintances and friends. Because of all the COINTELPRO directed squarely at me by that lawyer, and all his barroom buddies he called on to assist him, I was left visibly shaken. I grabbed my cats and dog and got the hell out of my completely owned home, first one in my life; what I purchased with all that pain and suffering monies. He is an evil son of a bitch. What did he do to me?… in the name of covering for all those unknown investors? While living there my relative went through all my files and papers, hiding them in her coat, and a bag catching her on three separate consecutive Saturdays, in my basement. When you read from others out here that their families are brought in to the fray of their destruction. Their telling you the truth. This was after April of 2007. Those days I know my life was destroyed forever by the very lawyer, who was suppose to help me.

During this time my relative began acting more strangely. Thanks to the above I was afforded no time to grant her the attention she needed, however, no one tells her what to do, not even I.

This story is unfinished. Check back as I continue this long, story of how I became a victim of COINTELPRO, a never-ending devastating, life-destroying crime wave reaching epidemic proportions all over America 2012.


  1. I am so sorry for what you are going through… for what we all are going through. I am so sick of it! I want to call but once again, I lost ur #…. pm me on youtube & sendit to me so I can call you. I know their goal is “torture to death”… but here is the thing… once they’re done with us, then what? They’ll just turn on eachother like the animals they are. De-evolution, I suppose.
    Peace to all the victims of this cointelpro, stazi, mind control, psyops program!

    • As I write this… and local pilot on day shift stalks near they use the electricity and sats (low lying); they will turn on one another–look at the skies, filled with Chemtrails and no one notices (NO ONE). What else can it be but De-Population – The gates of hell opened by their fearless leaders 911

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