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cointelpro-is-back-2012 UPDATED Sept 2012

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COINTELPRO (Psyop) is back. It started in 2006 because an attorney did me wrong. I moved on to North Carolina in 2008. By June 2009, I’d suffered a bad fall cursing my neck, and back and hurt my ankle on a prior Degenerative Spine Disease. I am fortunate to have survived. However, I was abused horrifically living in Smithfield, NC because of medical malpractice reactions due to the neglect, abuse from their ER. They not only did not follow ER Hospital Protocol, they were the most abusive, inhumane, childish violators of all my civil rights like nothing I’d ever witnessed prior.

What followed was out of horror movie. Note I use the term ‘Group Stalking,’ because the usage is what everywhere refers to this as; the issue is ‘its their term,’ not the Victims and I felt no one would relate to my writings. ‘Gang’ sounds too much like typical gangs from TV/Media and its ‘their code word.. Groups prey upon victims are anything but gangs. They are organized group stalkers and yes it’s terroristic, and the rings are federally funded. I believe stalkers are refer to as “Spotters.” They keep an eye on 1000s of victims they’re now spying on, for high-tech creepy yet real, science and military drills. It’s all done under the guise of Natl Security. We’re talking about many people whom no longer have a heart for others. I refer the reader to Ron Paul, presidential hopeful. In 2011 during the GOP Florida debates he and the crowd, seen on CNN now YOUTUBE, cheered and yelled ‘let him die,’ repeatedly, while referring to a hypothetical man without health insurance who needed serious medical attention or he faced death. This idea has risen in the minds of Americans, in what I considered a Culture of Death mentality that’s reared its ugly in America due to an never-ending War based on lies, post 911, the Patriot and its recent Renewal and a over-bloated military, Fusion Centers, and the obvious Military-Science-Medical Industrial Complex. This is why our culture has broken down into ruthlessness, combined with a congress who could allow human experimentations on its citizens and ‘anyone abroad,’ for ‘money,’ and ‘just because.’ Read the links on the front page to learn more. Run a search for DOD Directives and laws passed for See Something Say Something. We are Hitler and Stalin’s Wet Dream. So super in power America is now what Eisenhower warned us, in his presidential farewell speech.

Note to Victims: Stop thinking you’ve done something wrong. You just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I too fell for this. They don’t actually care. There is a division between actual COINTELPRO and victims of what I write of here. We’re victims of both. The COINTELPRO is in reality two things: Terrorist Task Force Training, and once they’re done terrorizing you from Organized ‘stalking’ and begin slight Electromagnetic Frequencies and/or Microwave energies directed at the victim there is another level into the ‘program,’ that of sadistic assaults with War Weapons and they are taught Psychological Warfare (against its own people). I am hopeful to help those that are yet to be victims of worse from furthering into this sadistic torturous death-driven machine.

It became bizarre, ritualistic in a sense in the way so many carried out the sadistic, terroristic acts of what I later learned is known as Gang Stalking; I prefer the term Group Stalking; Electronic Directed Energies Weaponry abuse–horrid, to the point long past considered Domestic Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity. They were sick, diabolically evil, some the most abusive, sadistic, group harassment I’d ever witnessed. By 2010 I became and out-and-out victim of community Domestic Terrorism using their buddy system that’s far out of control. A Sheriff and his police force used neighbors as Proxy harassed. I was shocked at the variety of ages. Many were in their 20s & 30s and were literally right out of jail. Those in their 40s who participated consisted of a Nurse, which was shocking, in and of itself. They used military tactical and a local satellite as a new form to harass me on lethal levels, to force me out of my home (the new Nazism that’s taken over America) to silence those they enjoy taking civil liberties, and basic human rights from. In my case, it was because, according to the locals near me who yelled things like ‘by the time we’re done with you, you’ll be lucky to afford a trailer,’ to ‘um, um, um, I’m about to do somethin’ crazy.’ And the African-American faux religious witch did-I then had groups of blacks chasing me every where I went though they were much kinder than the white groups.

The whites let me know that I was a northern Democrat who voted for Obama and its was the wrong thing to do noting how public they were however expressing their ideologies as KKK Republican Right-Wing affiliates. I was not the only one in that general vicinity under their reign of terror. The area I soon learned was right by the infamous Torture Taxis Torture Airport and its contractors, and Biotechnology firm. I was living smack dab in the middle of those that Tortured and Right-Wing Extremists KKK country. I was Microwaved, Electronic Harassed, abused horrifically. They destroyed my creditability, falsified medical records, broke in countless times. It was not the FBI, it was locals. I know this for a fact. THis is out of control for it to happen to me twice. Neither incidents are connected. During the course of this period I purchased my new dog from a Ft Bragg guard and his wife. They did participate using their military & NSA connections and aided in placing me into Military Weapons and Technologies Testings, Medical experimentations and into HDS data bases, forever more.

They were later brought into the fray to place me in what I know realize is Medical Experimentations & Weapons & Technology Testings. I moved from there, buying a home in Florida where obviously NC called ahead (not state; it was county level). Since July of 2011 I have become an even more brutal victim of hate that rears its ugly eyes towards unbelievable Torturous electronically surveillance, attacked constantly by those on the ground and watching coordinating from the skies, projectiles hitting me everywhere some days using me in Radiation experimentations. COINTELPRO has been heavily used here until very recent. They slacked off, after 3 weeks or less came back with a vengeance. The weaponry used on me now is horrendous. No human being should have to go through this. One of the things in this experimentation is to force you out of your home till your homeless. Its hate at its worse now, using all of the weapons and technologies Top Secret America discusses–Intel bloated and out-of-control. See other pages here.

Its is if someone placed or sold me into a heavily funded, highly profitable hit-list. These things happen historically, during times of political unrest, in America. The problems now is the use of sophisticated technologies used as silent-weapon systems right in front of our eyes, within our communities. One only has to look outside at your phone and electrical lines, and the new SmartMeters, WIFI and Wireless 3 now 4G networks, Cellphone towers, Relay Antennas propped up everywhere, hidden in plain sight. These things should be used 100% of the time for all good things, however, its being used to brutalize the one in the area that’s 1) Used by Intel/CIA/Military/Medical/Science for Experimentation and Testings and 2) On local levels lied to about the victim, though I believe many do know the hidden facts. Their using COINTELPRO as a way to further develop their techniques of stress, anxieties, PTSD, and other experimentation programs, while continuing the severe and deadly harassment to eventually destroy the human being victim.

Florida has been the absolute worse. However, certain low-end, diabolical were awaiting me, 122 outside the FL border, after I wired my money down for a home purchase. I am now 247 abused inside, outside my home by the technologies and weapon systems named here within the pages of this site. As a woman alone this has been a horrific line of events I’ve ever had to deal with. See my About Me site to read more of how my husband died. Its my message to clearly show, that after all I’ve been through, for me to come forward and state that these things are truly happening today, is saying a lot. There is abuse of power going on behind many closed doors. And its going on in other NATO countries as well. This is a public awareness site. These things need to be brought out to light. As more victims publicize these atrocities it is our hope to have justice for the obvious prevention of these criminal fractions.

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Their trying to over sensitize us to colors: Balls, objects cars etc. I THINK THERE IS A MEDICAL-SCIENTIFIC CONSPIARCY GOING ON for this community which is now heavily run by the CIA = BIG PHARMA = BIOTECHNOLOGIES = NSA = NANOTECHNOLOGIES (HUGE BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS) & HOMELAND SECURITY/FUSION CENTER SECRECY WHO KNOWS/WANTS OUR DNA & MEDICAL and if that isn’t good enough, that commit COINTELPRO for COUP De TAT of our government/congress and supreme courts staked as NEO CONSERVATIVES — See Stauss & NEW AMERICAN CENTURY Google these terms. There is a war on americans and it is NOT depopulation. Its hard sick nosed Republicans who are OUT OF CONTROL. Their going after military, civilians, anyone for their sick medical fields.

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  1. Dear Lissa.
    I had posted an experience on your site lissa. The english wasn’t the best, and the experience I posted needed edited. I liked to see my experience when edited on every known site in the free world. I have been lied about. I had been stalked and framed for “FAKE” stalking, and “FALSE’ harassment. I don’t like to be lied about. I don’t like to be taken advantage of as a vunerable U.S. Veteran and taken advantage of by evil wealthy individuals that have social connections in Hershey, Lancaster and south central pennsylvania. These individuals are whole sell liars. They are RING KNOCKERS and Freemasons who hire ex-FBI agents and Masonic Ex-STATE COPS in Lancaster, HERSHEY, and South Central Pennsylvania into Delaware. They are being hired by the wealthy and rich in this area in order to destroy individuals careers, relationships, blacklist them, and their being in general. It’s wrong!

    The experience I wrote for you was based on being victimized in Lancaster, Hershey, and South Central Pennsylvania into Delaware. I was stalked “FOR REAL”, and placed under surveillanc as if I were a cold war era spy. I had filed form complaints whistleblower complaints:PHRC Case No.200800802 & EEOC Case No. 17F200960329 I don’t like to refer to what happened to me as a story since it did happen and was an experience. I am thinking and believe I was being watched for longer then I noted in my journals. How does one know these things. Everything I told you is true. The tactics over the period were similar to STASI tactic, and it certainly mirrors the FBI’s COINTELPRO.

    I kept jouranls and notes to the best of my ability and had documented everything everybody had stated to me. The quote are extremely close to the same words stated to me by individuals. These individuals in this area of Lancaster, HERSHEY, and South Central Pennsylvania are sick, networking, and have both social connections and vast amounts of money. I was wondering what you were going to do with my story? I would like it to be fixed, and placed on every site on the internet. There many things I do not understand. But what happened, and I am lying. It’s true COINTELPRO, and the employment of East German STASI tactics are being used against targets. To what extend, it may wider than anybody really imagined. Why would a sociologist, ex-sociology professor, ex-soldier with three honorable discharges just come forward. A whistleblower who comes from a poor working class family, and who is outspoken.

    These individuals that did these things to me are evil and sinister. They turn light into dark and dark into light. They will lie 2 to 3x, all lie for each other, and then say “YOU ARE THE LIAR’. I dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s, and I kept journals and notes. They are rich wealthy, freemasons, and ex-FBI and Masonic Ex-State cops in the area of HERSHEY, Lancaster, and South Central Pennsylvania in Delaware, specifiically two ex-fbi agents at the University of delaware in Newark, and direct quotes from a judge in Wilmington. You have some RING KNOCKING going on in my cases.

    I sent in a time-line based on the ACLU assistance in Washington D.C. The Time-line was 50 pages long. The whistlelower complaints to the EEOC and PHRC were present. They items were sent to U.S. attorney Gerneral Eric H. Holder Jr and the U.S. Dept of Justice Civil Rights Division. Two sets of copies each by certified mail on Apr 15, 2012. These copies are detailed and name names. Now Something going on where I am being harassed/mobbed, and stalked and placed under surveillance for well over two years. No human-being could make up an experience like i have and end up in the hospital for a year and a half from exhaustiong and not have any delusional disorder. thanks, Daniel

    • One, you-are-not-alone. Our government needs addressing. No one is happy with our form of government today. As a Phi Theta Kappa honors and deans’ list in Baltimore, later Harford county, Md, not far at all from the PA/DE border, it is in mine and a large group of victims (who are as frustrated, and pained, as well as feeling betrayed as you are) like you, we feel the same. Second, because of the closeness to military bases in DEL and the proximity to Edgewood / Aberdeen Proving Ground, and the highly polarized political divide created even before 9/11, there is a stasi-like decomposition going on. Third, those harassing you ‘want you to think’ it’s them, when in fact they are ‘all forms of law enforcement’ some govt agents ordered by Secret Committees in and around DC (Pentagon, Ft Meade, Ft Bragg, Ft Mammoth, all the way from California to the East Coast and in between) to attack and assault us under an old well-hidden yet one the government is well informed about and that is the DOD Directive whereas the military, and any ‘entity’ can in act use you, me, and any one for weapons testings. The tactics their using on you fits all the criteria for COINTELPRO which is Counter Intelligence Programs. We have Bush and company to thank for their elevating the war in the east and the tremondous push down all US citizens throats with the never-ending phrase of ‘terror terror terror,’ why else would they push Homeland Security and secret Fusion Centers, and bloat the government to near financial death if it were not for money. THe other big problem: Homeland Security and the militarization of the HDS police (fed cops). Ignore those on the ground they are performing Terrorist Task Force Training aka terrorist processing (yes). They seem to be going after people of intelligence, of character, and those who hold the original Constitution as it should be.

      All of them need addressing. Most cops know I hear they laugh at us. Let ‘um. Some of their own kids become ‘targets’ and they are being targeted too.

      If you’ll join our group we are preparing to insist the US House of Rep and mainly the Senate address these issues once again as they did under the Church Committee. There is a history of COINTELPRO and using US Citizens and abroad for weapons testings. Call and write all of our leaders in DC and demand another Church Committee. Don’t let them tell you its not illegal or they don’t know because they do, especially those on the Intelligence Committees.

      In the mean time google MKULTRA historic reddacted papers. I’m uploading them today. Look for the link.

    • One last thing. Like you, I had done nothing wrong. Yet I was a high profile regarding my late-husband. I sued Beth Steel & Ship yard. They and their attorney together with my own attorney ‘sold me down this river.’ They were a government military-contractor. Many of us have become victims of that war on terror think big-big money. Those guards are coming after you because I’m betting they’re afraid of anyone in the military arriving back home who has decency and intelligence, and is not of their mindset of 247 war/terror and and I bet you can’t be bought–your not corruptable.

    • justice4cher says:

      Hi, Daniel. I feel your pain, I really do. I, too, am a veteran of the Navy for nearly 13 years. I was discharged medically for a disease and tried to fight the Navy with appeals, media,letter to Congress, etc. In order to discredit me, they told the media I was being discharged for schizophrenia, totally not true as evidenced by my medical records. Plus, you know as well as I, if I had schizophrenia, it was developed while I was in the service which would be a service-connected disability and I should have been discharged with 100% as one certainly can’t work a normal job with this mental disability.
      I have been a TI (as far as I am aware) since 2010. I was working for the Army as a Contract Specialist, GS-13, and discovered major corruption and fraud in R&D contracts with the University of Central Florida and DARPA. Major payoffs were being given to the contracting department for NOT doing due diligence and putting all this money on contract which was not fair and reasonable. I could tell you how the psycho bastards have infiltrated into every aspect of my life and ruined every relationship and terrorize me wherever I go. They have established a pattern and cause the same incidents to happen wherever I go to make it appear as if I am delusional and schizophrenic. They are the ones who need to be institutionalized and undergo shock treatment like I’ve seen them do to other veterans who were speaking out about things they saw during war. It is such an indescribable feeling of powerlessness . It’s as if I’m in a concentration camp every day! I only wish I had some words of wisdom or something upbeat to tell you to help you get through this. All I can tell you is that I applaud you for your courage and patriotism. They despise us because of our core values, integrity, courage, ethics, morals, etc. When you can’t be corrupted, they have to get rid of you, but they want you to suffer for non conformity. We MUST stand together and continue to protect our constitution — their are too many that have died or haved been dismembered or psychologically destroyed to give up the fight. . Listen to the song by Erin Tippin– You’ve got to Stand for Something or Fall for Anything. Take care, my brother — you are NOT alone!!

      • I can really relate to your story, although I am not now, nor was I ever a member of the military. I am so sorry you are going through this, for I know what it is like to be & to have every one of my relationships sabotaged.

        I too have been labeled as schizophrenic, even though my symptoms (hearing voices due to obvious implants in my ears) didn’t manifest until I was 40y/o. I discovered my implants shortly after I began to audibly hear the voices, but I think they may have always been influencing me on a subliminal level, throughout my life.

        Born in the late 1960s, I feel that I may have been sold into this program via adoption. Of course, no one around me believes me, or if any of them do, they won’t acknowledge it.

        I think Lissa is doing a wonderful job with her blog. I am grateful to know that I am not alone in my situation, but feel sad that TIs are so scattered throughout the country, pitted against one another, & unable to somehow band together. But then, if we did… they’d probably torch the place we were living in, huh?

        Peace, & may all TIs find our way clear of the hell we have been forced into, without our prior knowledge or consent.

  2. Are the things I am telling you making sense? The way I gave you a breakdown and numbered the incidences that occured with me. The judge, Pa State cop, the academic attorney in Lancaster, the forensic psychologist, and the formal complaints against the college…
    No, nobody had ever been able to buy me. And certainly not my ex-girlfriends parents in HERSHEY Pennsylvania. Shitbirds! No, no wealthy person had ever been able to buy me. Garbage! And yes, I looked those PIGS at the Univerisity of Delaware, and they are from ELKTON Md and near by Edgewood Md…Newark, De. I do not understand how they are getting away with stalking individuals and harassing people in other states, and then setting them up for those crimes, but they are…

    These idiots at the University of Delaware security must certainly have me confused with their buddy who had been just arrested in May of 2012 for stalking a student at the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware security departments is so corrupt the student who was being harassed by the U.D. security guard had to call another police department all together in order to have the stalking and harassment stop. By the police reports I have obtained, it’s very clear to me those involved all knew each other. Their gang stalkers in security uniforms. KULT-STALKERS! Engaging in a criminal conspiracy with other Masonic ring knocking law enforcement officials…

    These idiots at the University of Delaware are all about the same age, and they are all from the same areas around Newark, and down through to Elkton and Egdewood. But that is just part of it, the other part is HERSHEY, Lancaster, and the South Central Pennsylvania area…The RING KNOCKING Freemason Capital of World.

    Some how these idiots at the University of Delaware are getting away with running the students and setting the ex-boyfriends or boyfriends up for crimes. Cop stalkers and police harassers! These security guards are even running women when the cop stalkers are married. Dumping computers, HACKING into them without warrants, and illegally down loading messages and transcribing those messages on to police reports. Stalking individuals with GPS’s and then ring knocking all the way up to the college where i worked and having me mobbed and harassed. It happened! In my case there is a puppet-master here, and somebody is coordinated this stuff…

    This stuff moving all the way up to the attorney Generals office in Delaware, and the Attorney General office in Pennsylvania. Somebody has money and social networks. And I did turns somebodies in to the U.S. Attorney General and U.S. Dept of Justice “Civil Right Div”. Their names were named. The FBI in Wilmington, Philly and Baltimore always asked me stupidly “WHO ARE THEY?” And then after hearing me they refer me to somebody else. I know somebody committed the crime, but can’t tell who everybody was involved., not over the internet anyway…not yet. Isn’t the job of the FBI to do that, figured who corrupt and who is committing the crime??? I handed the U.S. attorney General and the Department of Justice “CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION” a 50 page time-line, and supporting evidence. A list of names…just do an investigation and find out who is lying…It’s not rocket science…

    All you have to do is threaten a couple of them, and they will spill their guts. All you have to do is ask them right out, why were you lying on police reports? who did this? where did you get this information? Who took emails from my account without a warrant and transcribed them onto the police reports? Who was sending Daniel text messages from Emergency Cell phones? Just asked them, and threaten them with charges. Who did you pay to stalk Daniel? Who was stalking daniel by proxy? Who was driving back and fourth from NEWARK, to Lancaster, and up to HERSHEY coordinating this stalking? Just asked them!
    The ACLU would have one of the most interesting cases ever in Civil rights violation in history. My civil liberties were thrown completely out the door. They are cowards at the Univeristy of Delaware and in HERSHEY, Lancaster and South Central Pennsylvania. They’re just gabarge…PIGS…

    Everybody was written in detail, and it is clear “I” a vulnerable veteran with three honorable discharges was taken advantage of, set up, and lied about. It’s true! I decided to go with the media or private sites to post my experience too. It’s seems like this is happening to Tens-of-thousands of us…maybe hundereds-of-thousands of us…

    Throwing in the formal complaints to the Pa Governors office I filed and EEOC, it’s a lot more complicated then this…Since I am a whistleblower. The Ex-FBI wildcard or the Masonic Wildcard appears to have been given here….Ring knocking! And then combining their efforts with the help of wealthy rich “christian” freemasons in Lancaster and Hershey Pennsylvania…There is some serious mobbing and KULT-STALKING going on here in South Central Pennsylvania into Delaware…

    I am really not that important. I am just sociologist, and an ex-soldier. I don’t give a dam about them all. especially some dumbass security guards at the University of Delaware…and corrupt Masonic PIGS! The bunch of stupid losers…
    Thanks, Daniel

    • Your story mirrors mine and almost every other victim (TI) as they call us, short for ‘targeted individual.’

      From my research all I can figure-out is the FBI and ‘all’ law enforcement have created a literal war against us. They are corrupt Masonic PIGS I agree, and ELKTON Md and near by Edgewood Md are infamously known since I was a child as heavy KKK. In 2008, last time I drove up thru their on Pulaski Hwy (rt 40) they were building tons of new shopping districts and housing and apartments for the entire branch of the military, and building up (for something ?) this never-ending-war-on-terror. Because its become HUGE business (WAR ON TERROR) they now heavily emphasis against Americans (you and I). They are going after descent, law-abiding average citizens who hold certain traits i.e. we’re alone, intelligent, are lovers of the Constitution and human and civil rights.

      There is a PDF I placed online last night here on this site. It shows from an ACLU FOIA from the FBI showing the hate their passing out to ‘all law enforcement agencies’ to go after blacks now they claim are tied in with militians who are connected to the weather underground guy who was in the news reportedly hooked with ties to Obama. He is the first black president, and a democrat which I think has doubled their hate-mongrelling.

      I have a source in the Navy of 5 1/2 years who told me recently literally all the military are hard core right-wing leaning extremist in viewponts–that they hate anyone who loves i.e. Dolphins, and saving the whales. They’re even going after Journalists, and Peace (Anti-War) movments, and the Occupy Movement folks. Many who stood up for 911 are being killed off, and slowly tortured with EMF WIFI IR Microwaves from strangely placed EMF & EML towers in the community, and those running those satellites in the skies are eyeing us up now too.

      Those guards are ‘private contractors’ and probably police, national guards or ex-commissioned from Iraqi. There is a base in Dover, DEL who is assaulting a woman and man up there (literally slow killing them, gang stalking them by ground and air).

      Please read STASI DECOMPOSITION this is COINTELPRO like tactics being used against us. We need to ban together and fight the off. They have worked awfully hard to divide whites from blacks, republicans and democrats/independents/liberatarins, military and civilaisn so we will not have the power to fight them off.

      Its them vs us. They have the jobs. They do not care if you were in the military prior. You’re not a part of them now. Their even COINTELPRO slow murdering (aka gang stalking electronic harassment that is lethal–all info stating less-then-lethal or non-lethal is a lie–its lethal I know for a fact). Another group the mil/and these strange stalkers are going after are the architects/pilots/firemen/family members of 911 truthers, and Anthropologists because they refused to terrain-map out where good ‘targeted people live’ in South America (yes). They placed a Wilcoxkill list online leaked showing the military has planned for SA — they did this to us using google mapping w/those satellites (run by FBI, DOD) all ties into CIA Head & in charge of Ft Bragg NC PSYOPS Blackwater XE/Academia schools in US & Equador/Costa Rica areas on up to FT Mammomth NJ 7 Dover Del AFB who are running these gang stalkings against all of us.

      Gang Stalking is their term. What it appears their doing is really ‘Terrorist Processing’ to get you branded into a loony bin so they can use you for weapons testings (yes) using other advanced weaponry and advanced techologies, because its now out-of-control big unknown investors (them and overseas internationals) using us like we nothing more then commodities (to them we are). So those damn gang stalkers are paid to go all over the country looking for anyone who fits the criteria for these big military-medical-industrial-private-contractors-complex.

      Be back…

      • All have or are being ‘gang stalked’ so their ‘trying’ to rev up the numbers for homeland security ‘local terrorist’ money, too. We need CIVIL RIGHTS attorneys and ACLU TYPES to act-now.

    • Yes. We all need to ban together and DEMAND the ACLU & D.C. SENATE hold ANOTHER CHURCH COMMITTEE & INTELLIGENCE SUB COMMITTEE ‘investigation’ N-O-W not waiting another damn day. GOOGLE ‘Krista Worthington case’ it will make you sick, it was COINTELPRO to get back at her father (politics) has become a bloodbath. All of these masonics and legionarrie groups are EVIL!

    • Listen over at to Darlene R. Miles, author of Invasion of Corporate Locust: LexisNexis is a huge part of sharing all our information DNA and medical records.

      Listen: Wednesday, 4/25: 11-12: Darlene Miles, author of An Invasion of (corporate) Locust
      Web-ex Topic Update: News Updates: ‘First Quarter 2012 Topic’ Radio Interview with Radio Host Deanna Spinola, (link to hear this ‘life changing’ interview at and second half at

  3. Lissa,

    I read what you had to say above.

    The area of Elkton and Edgewoold Md have a rich history of being anti-semitic towards African-Americans, and other non-wasp groups. Maryland was a neutral state during the civil war, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland some farmers still had slaves. Even to this day the Maryland U.S. Army national guard patch is blue and gray. Two Maryland units fought at the battle of gettysburg the 1st maryland inf for the Rebels and the 1st maryland cav for the union.

    Out of that, who started the KKK? The Freemasons. Nathan Bedford forrest was a freemason. The Freemasons are a secret society. They are secret for a reason. In South Central Pennyslvania they active in stalking and combining STASI tactics and tactics similar to the FBI’s COINTELPRO against citizens like me. They are far-ringht wingers. They are not these nice old men helping children who are burned, and they not these nice little ladies in the Eastern Stars selling cookies. In HERSHEY, Lancaster, and South Central Pennsylvania into Delaware and Easter Maryland they are evil. They are sinister. For well over two years I kept journals. The names did register as freemasons. I had to do research on them. My ex-girlfriend kept telling me we were being followed. My life was de-constructed. They were keeping me from gainful, and full-time employment. These ring knockers in Lancaster, hershey and south central pennsylvanis control the jobs like a limited resouce. I am kidding you. No wonder it appear as if I couldn’t maintain employment. These guys were sabotaging my ability to produce an income. And her dad and mother gave us hints that we were being stalked. I just didn’t get it.

    They these idiots and freemasons were spreading rumors about me that I was the following: DANGEROUS, aggressive, a time-bomb, a racist, a loose cannon, unstable, on drugs and I had WEAPONS.

    I am pacifest and I have never owned a gun. I am quiet intellectual and a reasonable man. I have never done drugs and I am not a racist. I never thought in my life to hurt anybody. I don’t understand why so many had done so much to me. To undermine my life, my career, frame, black list me, and sabotage my relationships with loved ones…This is what WEALTHY, RICH, Christians in HERSHEY, Lancaster and South Central Pennsylvania into Delaware are doing to good people. They are freemasons, masonic cops, and masonic FBI agents…They are sick…

    I just don’t understand why I was brought into all this and framed. However, unlike many I have a vast array of documentation and professionals speaking out, and I have my official complaints to the PHRC Case No. 200800802 and EEOC Case No.17F200960329 documenting 70+ counts of harassment and discrimination happening at Harrisburg Area Community college in Lancaster Pennsylvania. These idiots made an ass out of the Pa Governor and the EEOC. They lied about numerous things in their responses to the Pa Governor and EEOC.

    These guys were stalking me and mobbing me for a long time. Why? I think I have an answer. But they were sending adults students in our classrooms at the college in order to give certain professors a hard time, and harass us. I noted this. They were running us off and replacing us with the following:RELATIVES (nepotism or Nepo-Discrim), Friends, Fellow Freemasons, Masonic Tools, and Eastern Stars (female masons). Cops stalking me. Police harassing me, down loading me emails illegally, and then taking my messages without a warrant and transcribing person information about me on their police reports. Weird, mysterious witnesses calling into the police station at the University of Delaware stating I was driving around Delaware.

    Do you realize these idiots were stalking me and mobbing me/harassing me and setting me up for “FAKE” stalking charges? These idiots and freemasons are sick. Luckly the charge was thrown out. I guess if was too blantet. Well over two years of documentation I have. A non-union/non-freemason trucker explained what the masonic police and these freemasons did to me. This trucker explained it so that a 5th grader could understand what these guys had done to me. But when I call the FBI they play stupid, and asked who “THEY” are? Are their names sit on the dest of the U.S. Attorney General and the U.S. Dept of Justice “CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISIONS” desks…..Right now as we communicate. On April 15 by certified mail both these dept had gotten 50 page time-lines, experiences, names, dates and full official documentation for the Pa Governors office of the Human Relations Commission and the EEOC.

    If a trucker can understand what had happened to me and explain it to me so that a 5th grader could understand. If trucker can know exactly what had happened to me. Then why can’t the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General and The U.S. Dept of Justice “CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION”. You have individuals, and freemason KULT-STALKING here in HERSHEY, Lancaster and South central Pennsylvania into Delaware. These nuts are hurting people. They are rich wealthy “CHRISTIANS” employing ex-FBI agents and Ex-State Cops to methodically stalk people and de-construct thier lives and destroy careers. They freemasons and using their social connections and ring knocking from one county to the next county. From Pa to Del, ring knocking right in front of Judge Jerome O. Herlihy of the Delaware superior court in Wilmington De. These sick O’s are black listing, and internet black balling individuals and they have destroyed relationships with individuals I cared about. These idiots are sick. I have no idea why these morons and hate monster brought me into their sickness. I mind my own business, and they brought all this B.S. to me….

    This Stuff is bizarre. I should be reading books. Teaching classesI Married and with the woman I loved. These idiots went methodically about destroying everything. Turning light into dark, and dark into light. They are evil and sinister these masonic cop stalkers, and freemason ex-FBI agents. Rich wealthy “CHRISTIANS from HERSHEY, Lancaster, and South Central Pennsylvania. Very, very ugly people…Hateful individuals! I should be Finishing my PHD and had a full-time professorship three years ago…Dumb asses…
    thanks Daniel.

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