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Chemtrails DoD Directives allow for Chemtrial Toxic Dumping on US and Abroad

Insider Speaks: Project Cloverleaf Real Reason for Chemtrails

If things weren’t bad enough, approved Spraying of Americans and other nations with ‘Geo-Engineering as Chemtrails‘ utilizing toxins (READ GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT LINKS STARTING WITH REAGAN WHO AUTHORIZED GENEATICAL TOXIN RELEASES INTO US SKIES and MEDICAL SCIENCE DOD EXPERIMENTATIONS), and large scale testing of Directed Energy Weapons in a secret high-up budget exceeding billions.

Alfred Lambremont Webre May 28, 2013

EU: Human robotization, Nano implant technologies, Mind control slavery, Neurological weapons torture, Gang stalking – The “Transhumanist Agenda” Panel: Magnus Olsson, Dr. Henning Witte, and Melanie Vritschan from the European Coalition Against Covert Harassment with Alfred Lambremont Webre – from

Chemtrails dump toxins, chemicals on human-kind and might be considered under a DOD Directive 5240.1-R: Human Testing on U.S. Persons used on ‘US Citizens in America and abroad as human subjects.‘ Chemtrails create electric charges. See Why and What in the World are they Spraying and think electronic charges, titanium, barium aluminum. If you’re having a hard time digesting any of the links thus far, read what else ‘they’ can do you to with your Smart House Appliances, and Smart Meters emitting more radiation than Cell Towers.


  1. Of course “the military” deny any involvement with chemtrails! How silly of us to expect honesty and disclosure! The fact that any government on earth writes Bills claiming their right to perform “secret experiments” on their own people and those of other nations – and then actually do so – are written admissions of crimes against humanity. Where’s the public outcry? Where are the massive criminal trials to bring these rock apes and their military cronies down?

  2. Glad you’re posting these exposés!

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