9/11 Anomalies Part I II II [Videos] A Decade of Deceit

We need to find peace with our saviors unless massive amounts of groups come forward to bring justice here — and end lethal cointelpro Mk Ultra black projects lawlessness use of directed energy weapons on civilians in America, Canada, and European, China, Russia.

I am here to wake everyone up before it’s really too late. US is hanging on a thread of Tyranny (See Ex-NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake 2012) and Fascism (Obama gives govt immunity to corporations), Military Dictatorships (Sessions questions Penetta & MIlitary brass as they say they will fight for NATO/UN without COngressional approval. Congress ‘is’ American reps). Wake-up. Your police are militarized-federalized with secret Fusion Centers (now at local airports) and running Cell & Gwen Towers & Satellites microwaving Americans, and using Electromagnetics from Chemtrails/HAARP.

0:14 secs: Pointed Missle than it comes thru left side of bldg, than screen blacks-out.

0:28: Missle on side of dark-gray plane (no windows)

0:41: Arm waving. WTF?