What is HAARP?

The official HAARP facility is located in Gakuna, Alaska. The site consists of a collection of antennae, arranged in a computer-controlled grid, known as a “phased array.” A phased array has the ability to focus radio signals in a precise direction, without the necessity of turning the antennae. Modern radar systems no longer use the revolving dish that we have come to recognize. The new radar antennae, which rely on phased arrays, look more like the flat screen of a drive-in movie, speckled with small umbrella-like antennae in neat rows. The phased array in HAARP is not a radar, but it uses some of the same extremely high frequencies to focus a powerful radio beam to specific locations in the Earth’s ionosphere.


HAARP as a Weapon (Bio, Mind Control (Advanced))

The US military was not the only investigator of “ionospheric heaters.” The Russians conducted their own research with similar systems, based on Eastlund’s technology. Other heaters also conducted research in Norway, Brazil and Puerto Rico. Russian “bigger is better” programs, however, beamed huge amounts of electromagnetic power at the ionosphere, successfully bouncing volleys of electromagnetic energy back to the Earth’s surface. At these higher power levels, the heated ionosphere acted like a powerful battery, storing, amplifying and discharging destructive beams of energy that could devastate a distant target on demand, in seconds. At that time, the Russians (USSR) lacked the powerful computing facilities that were required to direct and control this energy beam.


Since their installation in America’s dairyland, ELF signals were becoming a sensitive topic. Research was showing that ELF radiation was extremely harmful. Dr. Cletus Kanavy, chief of the biological effects group of the Phillips Laboratory’s Electromagnetic Effects Division at Kirkland Air Force Base in New Mexico, stated that “the entire issue of human interaction with electromagnetic (RF & microwave) radiation is… a major national population health concern.” (Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation: A White Paper, Microwave News at 12, September/October 1993).


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