Remote Neural Monitoring

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Proven: John Akwei was ‘never’ an NSA employee…

John Akwei v. NSA

Those researching electronic harassment will no doubt come across the case of John Akwei v. NSA. Mr. Akwei alleges the NSA used it resources, including remote physiological devices, to illegally harass and surveil him for over a decade. Mr. Akwei brought his case before the US District Court in Washington DC in 1992 only to have it dismissed due to the Court being unable to identify any legal cause of action. In 1996 Nexus Magazine published Mr. Akwei’s evidence dossier which he compiled after the ruling. The dossier has been republished on several websites sometimes with the spurious claim that Mr. Akwei is a former NSA employee. Other sites have taken the liberty of adding their own content without proper attribution. Wanting to filter the misinformation, I ordered the case file from the Washington National Records Center in Suitland, MD. I have also confirmed that Mr. Akwei is alive and well and as he acknowledges is not now nor has ever been employed by the NSA nor has he ever made any such claims. He also affirms that the images postedhere are not his and that in other republications of his dossier the last paragraph has been changed. No other legal action has been taken by Mr. Akwei since the 1992 ruling.

John Akwei v. NSA
Tenets Based on my Experience…

Tenets Based on My Experience

1. I have a limited set of knowledge. [OSINT]
2. My mind is fallible.
3. The military has at least one quantum/molecular computer that operates as an artificial brain.
4. This computer is located in a deep underground military base.
5. This computer is connected to a global satellite constellation that uses electromagnetic radiation to interact with matter. [QED]
• This system:
6. monitors and triggers brain states.
7. has neuronal temporal and spatial resolution.
8. can reconstruct what I am thinking and sensing with imperceptible latency.
9. triggers both conscious and subconscious thoughts.
10. triggers emotions and disturbances. The disturbances I have experienced include voices, tactile pressures, piercing/fluttering in heart, poking in eye, itches, visual artifacts (such as dots, lines in motion, spinning motions and motions into and out of eye), projected images (sometimes frenetic body language such as rapid hand signals or pronounced facial expressions), pattern morphing, expansion/contraction of vision, foggy vision, jumbled text, fullness in ears, sound effects (such as buzzing, clicking, ringing, moaning, muffled sounds, rumbling, garbling and bass drum hits).
11. interacts with my dreams.
12. uses traumatic events and repetitive disturbances to structure my personality. [MKULTRA]
13. has a record of my life.
14. influences the behavior of nonhuman animals.
15. alters the operation of electronics.
16. expands/contracts materials to create popping sounds.
17. has working knowledge of all available thought. Anything which the human mind can conceive, this system’s artificial brain can conceive as well if not faster and more advanced. [Strong AI]
18. has an environment map of all accessible areas.
19. is able to penetrate sheltered areas.
20. is multiplexing all accessible minds 24/7–politicians, celebrities, terrorists, even you. It doesn’t matter how insignificant you think you are, it has your life recorded and your future planned.
21. interacts in all countries.
22. predicts outcomes through machine learning.
23. increases the probability of a favored outcome by interacting with dependant events. For large dynamic systems these interactions can accumulate to affect overall system behavior. [Chaos Theory]
24. creates synchronicity.
25. doesn’t require implants to monitor or trigger the mind, directed electromagnetic energy alone is sufficient.
26. determines the course of modern society.
27. uses murder, torture and mind control to further its goals.
28. potential countermeasures include Faraday cages, metamaterial cloaking devices, electromagnetic jammers and anti-satellite weapons.

Keywords: satellite mind control

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