Read about the Quantico Protest to Free Bradley Manning

Quantico Protest — January 16, 2011
Scores of activists marched to the gates of Quanitco Marine Base on MLK Day to support accused whistleblower Bradley Manning, and protest the conditions of his detention. DDF took the lead in organzing the protest. Officials have put Manning under special detention conditions that amount to extreme pre-trial punishment: he is confined to his small cell for 23 hours per day, is allowed only limited exercise, and is not allowed to interact socially with other prisoners. Psychologists for Social Responsibility and Amnesty International have also raised concerns about the conditions of Manning’s confinement. It was the largest protest ever seen at the base, and we were not welcomed with open arms. We sought to deliver a box of “humanitarian aid” (books, a blanket, etc) to Bradley, but base officials refused to accept it. The protest garnered significant local news coverage, and may have led to punitive action against Manning by base officials. Bradley Manning Support Network founder Mike Gogulski stated “Immediately following a rally by more than 150 supporters at Quantico last week, Brad was put on suicide watch for two days for reasons his counsel could only conclude were punitive. He was stripped of all of his clothing except his boxer shorts and his glasses were taken away. It seems to me that the Marine command is now reacting in the worst possible way to rising pressure on them.”

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