Tenther Radio Episode #71: Nullify the Drones!


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Drones. Soon America will have somewhere around 30,000 of these things flying and spying – virtually everywhere. Here at the Tenth Amendment Center, we believe that this mass spying program needs to be nullified into oblivion. Why? Because America was created to be a constitutional republic, not an Orwellian nightmare. Our guest this week is Blake Filippi, author of the TAC’s new “Privacy Protect Act,” a state-level bill designed to restore liberty, and nullify the drones.

Welcome to Tenther Radio Haunted and Spooky Show Number 71!    Happy Halloween to all you good Tenthers out there.  Captain Michael Boldin is all decked out in his Blackbeard the Pirate costume while in co-host chair is the one and only Nick Hankoff is covered in bandages as the Mummy.

The costumed heroes started the show discussing the latest in the news.  First, they discussed Florida voting banning the insurance mandates, and  then  Colorado, Washington and Oregon are voting to nullify the drug war.


NSA: We Will Illegally Spy on Citizens Only When Absolutely Necessary

Colorado, Washington- Initiatives Hold Strong to Nullify Drug War

Florida voters get opportunity to say ‘No!’ to federal insurance mandates