Wayne Madsen, Investigative Reporter Blows Whistle on Secret Cybersurveillance “Q” Group in the NSA & First Fruits Program

Wayne Madsen, Investigative Reporter Blows Whistle on Secret Cybersurveillance “Q” Group in the NSA & First Fruits Program

Rogue Secret US Govt 911 Unit – Helps To Keep The Governments Lies Alive

They work with Police Intelligence groups, informants and FBI — COINTELPRO SQUADS all over AMERICA POST 911 ` LISSA in my home state of Md — I KNOW. Informants on Dutch Ruppenheimer’s staff… I met one of them. He told this author they didn’t care who the ‘soccoor moms voted for — Republican or Democrat– they check area stats! They used this victim-author to help Whiting Taylor & Preston (dirty judges/lawyers) to let Beth Steel Corp get away with my late-husband’s murder/massive death now mine (slow)! My hand to the good lord–its why I am now out here speaking truth!

Wayne Madsen, Investigative Reporter interviewed on RT news Kaliningrad.There is a whole new SECRET branch of power in the US.It consists of 1,000 agents and informants in “Q Group” (a surveillance operation).Q group answers to the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Keith Alexander.

First Fruits is an NSA program with a database that keeps track of journalists who write about the NSA and who the journalists are talking to.

Q Group is a secret agency within the highly secretive NSA.

Q Group operates out of NSA headquarters building in Fort Mead, Maryland.

House and Senate and Oversight and Intelligence Committees are aware of Q group.

Still, Q group informants are on the staff in MD congressional and senate offices.

Q group are known to be on the staff of Maryland U.S. Rep. Dutch Rupersberger. This is the same Congressman who represents NSA headquarters because it’s in his district.

Info provided by Rep. Rupersberger’s constituents who complain is passed by operatives in his office to the secretive Q Group.

The newly created Cyber Command has been placed under the NSA which will conduct surveillance in cyberspace.
First Fruits is a Draconian organization.

First Fruits prosecuted Ken Ford, an Iraqi signal intelligence officer, who was working in an Iraqi shop who stated there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Ford was set up in a sting operation by First Fruits in the most egregious case Madsen has ever seen.

Ford was convicted with 7 years in prison due to dirty prosecutors and judges.

Ford’s case is not the ONLY First Fruits case that has been prosecuted, but it is the dirtiest.