Deadly Drone Dilemma: Dangerous Deception Diverts Divine Destiny

By Hatrick Penry


Verily I say to thee: Drones will be used to assassinate political opposition and to defeat the militia during a 2nd American Revolution, if one occurs. It is only a cover-story that they will aid in the fight against crime and terrorism or assist in environmental issues. They are instead the final piece in a puzzle, a puzzle that depicts an open-air prison society, complete with spy satellites, drones and cameras on every street-corner.

Where are the terrorists that merit such expenditures? Where is the danger that we, as armed and informed citizens, need protecting from? Is it unreasonable to consider the possibility that the establishment will utilize this equipment and technology in an effort to protect themselves from the American public and to secure their positions of power?

Dr Judy Wood presents Where Did The Towers Directed Energy Weapons

Directed Energy Weapons

Uploaded on Nov 15, 2011

Dr Judy Wood is not only a magnificent engineer, but also an admirable person.
Her book “Where did the towers go?” reveals what really happened at a physical level during the 9/11 events. It has passed 10 years since the event, and the real facts of that day have been totally dismissed by the general population, and even by the “9/11 Truth Movement” representatives.
As engineers we cannot deny that something extraordinary happened that day in technological terms.
The main architectural symbols of our global economic system were “dustified” that day. The implications of this psychological operation and novel technological phenomenon is something that even my own imagination is unable to foresee.

“Deal with reality before reality deals with you”
These buildings have “gone with the wind”, as you say, but your bravery shall forever remain.
Thank you Judy

Dr. Judy Wood at New Horizons – Where Did The Towers Go

Uploaded on May 6, 2012

On 11 Sept 2001, astounding events unfolded in the USA — including the complete destruction of World Trade Centre Towers 1, 2 and 7. These events changed the world — changed all our lives. Yet, it was years later that an official investigation was launched. All mainstream media sources generally take a view that those official investigations were adequate – and no one should have cause to seriously question them. However, the pictures show that WTC 1 (like WTC 2) did not “burn up”, nor did it “slam down” — it was turned into dust in mid air — leaving almost nothing of the building itself.

Dr Judy Wood, a former Professor at Clemson University, USA, with degrees in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering Science, will present rarely seen graphic evidence which proves what really happened to those enormous structures. Her detailed scientific study exposes a challenging conclusion which most people have never had a chance to see, hear and evaluate. Dr Wood is the only person to submit elements of her forensic study in a US Federal court case in 2007, news of which was censored.

Aired November 14th, 2012
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Season 3, Episode 2 — *Death Ray*
Jesse interviews Dr. Judy Wood & John Hutchison

This presentation is available on DVD at:




by Hatrick Penry


“The ideas and conclusions expressed in this work are mine alone. It is possible that one or more conclusions may be wrong. The purpose of this book is to convince you (the reader) that something is terribly wrong. It is my hope that this work will inspire you to begin an earnest search for the truth. Your conclusions may be different but together maybe we can build a better world”~Milton William Cooper

“Yeah, what Mr. Cooper said.” ~Hatrick Penry


Hear ye, hear ye: friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears: for I, Hatrick Penry, have uncovered a trolls den of epic proportion, a vast network of  tunnels and  warrens infested with mottled green beasts in such numbers that only the bravest, stoutest warriors dare tread. It is into these tunnels that we shall now venture…

If Plume-Gate is…

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Is America’s largest COINTELPRO operation crumbling? by Hatrick Penry

Is America’s largest COINTELPRO operation crumbling?
by Hatrick Penry
in Politics
Thu, November 29, 2012unfollowh:314151

Thanks to a long list of people who were willing to speak out and ‘rock the boat’, it looks like the giant Operation Mockingbird Style Alternative Media Infiltration that I wrote about in March of 2011, is crumbling before our very eyes.

Tonight I will try to expose everyone who I believe works in the ‘shill circuit’ and I’ll tell you why I am suspicious of them.

I’ll also give you a list of who I think is clean.

And I’ll give credit to those who were involved in exposing the troll den.

Tonight at 10pm Eastern

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