The Patriot Acts I II and III: Treason upon the American People, Crimes against Democracy

English: President George W. Bush signs the Pa...The Patriot Act was the nail in the U.S. citizen’s coffin. Enacted right after 911–this gave no American a chance to think properly. The country was traumatized from the attacks upon our freedoms. And, it was. I’m sure many are unaware of another Congressional Act passed on Oct. 3, 2001 — that of the Space Act.

One year later Homeland Security is devised set-up to militarize the once-most freest nation in the world.

Senator Russ Feingold on the Senator floor gave the only true opposition to the US Patriot Act. He’s long gone from the halls of Congress and sorely missed y all true Americans who staunchly oppose the UNPatriot Act that has destroyed our country thanks to ‘W*Co.’ The only domestic terrorists are those that have enacted all of these laws – those who committed treason on Sept. 11, 2001.

Will the American sheeple awaken? I think many have. The questions remain: What will How Would a Patriot Act?happen now? Will they continue to walk aimlessly throughout their days, as if nothing has happened? Will they allow their freedoms to erode thru the sands of these trying times? I think the answers are there and it’s not good.

The next site I will author certainly has a name used many times since 911: Death of a Nation. With the stroke of a pen after treason was committed on 911 ushered in quietly their New American Century with Monsanto, Chemtrails, Directed Energy Weapons on its people in that Quiet Weapons for a Silent War for Human Terrian Mapping once used in Vietnam, slated (if not already used) in Africa, Mexico and the US which is anything of what this author recognizes as home of the free. Those days are long gone. Tyranny is in place. The Constitution: Shredded since 2001. Vilified now. Long live freedom that is left for the mind, heart and soul. Energy is the new keeper of the traitors who’ve turned those we once trusted into sell0uts.

Corporation America: Someone change the flag. Take down the red, white and blues. This is no longer a country united, nor the America. The Constitution has been spat upon, destroyed by a Nation of unadulterated, pure-wicked Traitors. Never-ending wars you shall see with rising waters and a permafrost that’s preparing to reel its ugly head up from the grounds of this ‘globalizaton’ of pervert greed-infested monsters as Jefferson, Franklin and all the other brave authors and signers of the Declaration of Independence are fed-up with rolling over in their graves.

So, how would a real Patriot Act? In the manner in which this site defines… the musings and writings of a once patriotic zealot struck down at the prime of life by the very greed infested goverment corporation that helped run this country into the ground.

Done in by an entire nation of GD traitors where justice is warped beyond comparison, where civility and justice for all is only for  those with an insider at that dusty dirty place that signed in the Patriot Acts, NDAA, 30,000 Drones, the Space Ac, 911 and on and on… the place that holds our Constitution behind a heavily protected plate-glass. When will sanity rear its head back at those who have destroyed not just this once-great nation that  eastern countries have fallen victim to the abyss of greed that’s taken over every seam within this once-great societies mean?

When hell freezes over, that’s when. Stick around. Those days are close at hand thanks to ‘them.’


Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin: Last true American Patriot

English: U.S. Senator Russ Feingold spoke on t...

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