EMF ELF Microwave Tetra = Post911 Corruption = Genocide-Its Going to Get Worse soon. – YouTube

All over the place for the longest time, morning, noon and night–till recent. Turned -off everything, no electrical power. Used various cameras–digital and non. All came up with this odd sound. Used EMF IF Telsa devices and nothing compares. This is actual sound of a strong frequencies lasting all day and night long. Sometimes in bursts. Its Sad and Cruel. It is Inhumane. Its also done with Satelites and passing high-up military jets, poss Northern and Southern Command = the AF.

How it starts: If you are being gang stalked through the ‘In-Community No-Touch Torture’ program, you are probably on the ‘Terrorist Watch List.’

See: http://www.fbi.gov/news/testimony/the-role-of-the-terrorist-screening-data-base

There are over 400,000 (or more) Secret FISA National Security Letters that are filed on Innocent Americans. Congress just sealed these records for 5 more years (2012). Why?

Gang Stalking = COINTELPRO = Terrorist Screening Process. Why is Congress allowing this? The New York Times & the ACLU filed separate lawsuits to stop this. They tried. Three-forths of Congress passed this. Please call them and demand to know why! US Citizens are dying, some faster than others, some are taking their own lives. It is that severe and Drones are already used — for several years small and large, sometimes on children, seniors, men and single older ladies. This is not going after Terrorism this is Murder. What is the U.S. doing to its own people in 2012?

The Facts: The FBI and all law enforcement agencies are currently using a psychological warfare but using it to protect their drug making business, vehicle theft business, smuggling and prostitution businesses in your neighborhoods. They use city resources like ambulances, fire trucks and city gasoline to transport their drugs. They load stolen cars at malls and on your neighborhood streets.

Listen to Mike German, former Joint Terrorism Task Force & Diane Priest. They have tried to warn all. Ask WHY does this not go out to the mainstream news… why?

Mike Ruppert, ‘from the wilderness’ tried to warn everyone yet the American people were told to ‘just go shopping,’ than in 2004 ‘that’ leader said ‘if you’re not with us you’re with the Terrorist’ with an evil eye–this is not normal, not in America something is sick wrong. The 911 Truth Movement knows. Don’t listen to all the lies. This is the Monarch Program under the Nazi-Homeland Security using False Flags of Deception to utilize victims time–to keep them confused. Gang Stalkers are not ‘just’ your fellow Americans, they are F-I and Police and HDS, some NSA moving you up into ‘The Program’ of which there is no return. Think Endgame into a slow-torturous death. Who is Torture famous for? Think, please. NSA is ‘find um’ and fry um’ under the secret Q-Program set-up right after 911 just outside that nation of traitors.

Thanks to the all of this and 911, the Space Act 19 days later, the unPatriot Act I, II now III and HDS (all of them) and the seriously mishandling of all the loopholes in the DoD Directives and loss of the Constitution local law enforcement together with CIA NSA FBI are using this as extra judiciary personal vendetta punishment to steal our homes, money as well as our reputations to kill us slowly in community.

EMF ELF Microwave Tetra = Post911 Corruption = Genocide-Its Going to Get Worse soon. – YouTube.