Angels, Demon, Beast Tech by Michael End Times Spiritual Battle Defined Now

End times Spiritual Battle defined by “Michael from around the World” — all need to listen ‘now.’

Time is short now.


Angels, Demon




Beast Tech




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Russ will be back tonight live at 6pm Dec 8th……..starting the new series as listed below, thank you for your prayers. Learning more about the challenges that face you and the whole of the human race is vital at this hour, learning how to respond and find power and help in our walk with Jesus Christ is not only possible but what was meant for us all along………. it is not as though all this radical evil caught God by surprise! He knows the end from the beginning and has given us all and far more than what we need. The violent responses, city burning and revenge murders do have a sin and spiritual warfare inception. The world is described as spinning out of control in the end of days for two reasons: 1 Wickedness/lawlessness will abound, 2 Dark powers/presence will push lost and powerless humanity into self centered, self exalting…. self preservation with no regard for the needs of others.

The new series
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Planet X, Anti-God to Voice of God to 600 Stealth Chemtrails Weapons to Destroy your Soul and life on this earth

Not that it obviously matters to the luciferians destroying our lives…

Yes, you read the title right. I’m aware others were reeling after learning that the government has been using anti-God weapons on the populace. Many are well-aware of the voice of God weapon. Combing the two with the 600 stealth chemical vaccine type weapons sprayed from chemtrails, is a bit much.

Below are my findings. Surely there are more. There’s just not enough time in a day to report on these monsters.

This past weekend, I stumbled upon a few videos by interview of former CNN Marshall Masters of YOWSUA where he dedicates his every moment to trying to awaken as many as possible to the coming Planet X tribulation, upon us. Its a must hear, you’ll not want to miss his chilling truth-telling expose, especially into the second half, as he obviously warms up to stunning revelations. Don’t miss this. Its heartfelt to know, not all successful media members are involved.

Video into “How to be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually. Almost 3 hours of information.” Worth every moment of listening.– Lissa

The honorable Marshall Masters personal website radio –

Main website – Awakening others to the PlanetX arrival & how to survive: He deserves our support.

Riveting Video –

Suppressing beliefs Destroying the Mind (brain/soul)

Dispersal of these vaccines has been tested via high-altitude aerosolized sprays, highway vehicles, the water supply and even the food system.

As you’ll see in the document and video below, the vaccine was intended from the start to be deployed against civilian populations, and 600 strains of infectious viruses were tested on human subjects. One of the transmission vectors documented in the testing exploited an influenza strain to spread the mind-infecting virus as a pandemic.

Topics discussed in this document include testing  such as:

• Proposal for a suicide gene • Dispersal methods
• Testing efficiency in the field • Inhibitors that may target a specific population
• Monkey knockdown progress • Future experiments

Then… retesting on us–the one’s they left above ground.

Using aerosolized stealth vaccines as tools of behavioral control and mind alteration

This YouTube video, described as a “leaked Pentagon video,” features a Bill Gates-sounding scientist explaining in cold, calculating language how engineered vaccines can “eliminate behavior” that’s considered undesirable by the government.

Skynet rising: Google acquires 512-qubit quantum computer; NSA surveillance to be turned over to AI machines
Their god is in charge now of everything–HERE
DARPAs Sonic Psychological Weapon (originally Air Force)
All of them are underground, miles below, on our money to survive what’s about to happen. Imagine the kind of world it will be with DARPA Google execs Norcom Norad Navy (all black ops) Nasa and all the rest of this cabal (putting it mildly, no words in the English language defines them) but possible alien fallen ones from hell.–Lissa

Armageddon, End Times, Planex X, Nibiru, Relocate out of the Hotzone, Marshall Masters – YouTube

Published on Sep 23, 2015Marshall Discusses Suppressed information on Planet X, aka Nibiru, Armageddon, Possible End Times and what the governments will do to the people. How to be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually. Almost 3 hours of information. You can check out Marshall and his work at


Published on Sep 10, 2015


Something is pushing all this debris, including comets, at us RIGHT NOW! People want to know the earliest date we all begin to see it. The experts say we should be able to see it with a $29 “Black Friday Sale” telescope beginning around December 25th, 2015,… and the “arrival” date is said to be somewhere around March / April of 2016.

Because the speed at which it is traveling back toward our Sun is constantly increasing the closer it gets, it is difficult to predict an actual exact date of the “arrival”.

About 3% of Russia’s populace suffered burns from the fireball that flew over earlier this year. What will the rest of 2015 be like? Where are they coming from? No one is saying anything about where they’re coming from! More compelling evidence that something big is coming at earth, or we’re entering into it’s path?!?

Some may think it is another planet or a solar system with a sun. In this video I present evidence the “NIBIRU SYSTEM” is arriving and it may destroy the earth. We can see all the signs and changes that are happening right now across the world!!! You don’t have to believe whatever in this video. Do your own research and YOU be the judge.

As for myself, I have stockpiled enough food and water for myself and family for at least 1 year which would most likely be needed for survival in THE BEST CASE SCENARIO.

In a WORSE CASE SCENARIO food and water won’t even matter. We will be made to suffer a no-win situation worse then most can even begin to comprehend…

Perhaps the best case scenario would for us to simply be VAPORIZED… sort of a MASS HUMAN RAPTURE EVENT…

What if Jesus Christ is actually NIBIRU,… and the story of him returning to Earth somehow got twisted and re-written over time…?!?

Insider Exposes, Satanism, Black Magick, Global Mind Control & The Anti-God Agenda, Douglas Dietrich

Sep 14, 2015 – …Douglas Dietrich describes a completely different history of the creation of America and what the Military industrial complex has been up to since. Demons, Dark Magick, Satanism, Luciferianism, the occult and the Elder Gods are described in detail. Sigils, ancient Symbols, Nazis and the SS are discussed amongst a plethora of other topics.

A Must Here: Armageddon, End Times, Planex X, Nibiru, Relocate out of the Hotzone, Marshall Masters

Armageddon, End Times, Planex X, Nibiru, Relocate out of the Hotzone, Marshall Masters

| September 23, 2015

Radio interview with The Leak Project.  Marshall Discusses Suppressed information on Planet X, aka Nibiru, Armageddon, Possible End Times and what the governments will do to the people. How to be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually. Almost 3 hours of information.

Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as God

Originally posted on Wes Penre Productions Blog:

Posted: Saturday, October 3, 2015 @ 4:45 AM

pdf_icon2Pope Francis Declares Lucifer as God [PDF]

Pope Francis

Wes’ Comment: This video clearly reveals whom Pope Francis (the people’s Pope) wants to welcome back to Earth as a very public figure–the Lord of the AIF, who can be directly linked to Lucifer (see the Wes Penre Papers). I am talking about Lord, whom I exposed in the Wes Penre Papers as being the Overlord of the ETs who have controlled and manipulated mankind behind the scenes since the beginning of time, in a sense (potentially’s son, Lord Marduk, will play a role in this as well).

There is a reason why this Jesuit Priest became the current Pope at this particular time, and the creepy Ratzinger had to go. There is a reason why Pope Francis wants to connect with people on an average level, and there’s a reason why…

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