Hebrew Scholar issues Warning to Christians

by Shmuel Asher — (henrymakow.com)

Asher is the first Hebrew scholar of Hebrew lineage to publish books proving the ancient-to-modern day Jewish subterfuge and manipulation of our original Hebrew texts and all religions since. In fact, years ago, he was forced to leave his Brooklyn NY birthplace to live remotely in the West because of his teachings about them.

The Greater Exodus

The issue is Who are the Jews? As you read this bear in mind that I am Hebrew, with a long lineage of Hebrew scholars before me, as I have been for 35 yrs.

No one writing has done the rest of us (non-serpent) “Hebrew lineage people” the great service of at least LEARNING that there exists a MAJOR difference between “JEWS” and the other 12 ORIGINAL HEBREW tribes!

The Christian population is not historically a SCHOLARLY population outside of their own highly “Papacy corrected” writings and dogma, all of which are originally fabricated by the same serpent people. The loss of (Jewish-controlled) Hebraic language and cultural details as Abrahim and Moshe had them, and needed for people to fully and correctly understand so many important historical points of fact, and make good decisions from those facts, has been lost. These types of articles LUMP all of us into ONE single “JEW” pile! A totally one dimensional pile that will at some future point after all the unintentional, and even intentional brainwashing is done, lead the rest of us who are actually the MAJORITY of Hebrew – “Non-JEWS”, directly into the newer, technologically advanced gas oven systems!

Christian sentiment “lovingly” derides “ALL JEWS” as the entity who is behind all such evil events through history. NOT THAT I AM DISAGREEING! What I attempt to bring out and inform everyone on is the TRUE identity of those you CALL – “Jews.”


What Happens When We die – Truth About Death

Found this moments ago. Think of Project: SOUL Catcher as I had a uh-ha moment. This means project DEATH catcher, putting a whole new light to the subject at-hand. I now realize what I’d already assumed–gang stalkers are also targeted.

With the coming catastrophes, that of our Lord Saviors’ return in these end-times, would this not mean that those who’re hiding below the rocks and cliffs have almost 7 billion SPIRITS of GOD on their SPIRIT? I think the answer is obvious. Figuratively, they do have senses either by body or mentality so its their SPIRITs, GHOSTs (as in the HOLY GHOST) they have lost they’re only form of being and feeling alive to their father lucifer/s.a.t.a.n. as in the projects, C.H.R.I.S.T. and T.A.M.I.

Note: When one learns a fact, they continue it as in gossip, whereas one tells another then before long its repeated so often, its considered the truth. The fact is [if I recall properly] Duncan reportedly stated the day prior to his targeting, he was called into a group with fellow scientists whom were then informed they’d be targeting Americans. He said ‘No.’ Hence, they’re not compartmentalized. Listening to all the latest interviews of Ron ANGELL by Deborah Tavares has me wondering, how many other scientists are targeted, and/or know and chose to continue? I’d like to believe all of them quit for good conscious. Only our God knows the truth now as its too late, much too late, regrettably.

Lissa… May God forgive them all and may God with eternally forgiving to all of us who’ve fallen victim as its extremely dangerous, t the levels of lethality when you stand-up for justice and righteousness’ sake and your government is deadly-wrong to its citiznes.

What is the Spirit and Soul?

The Spirit and Soul is something that is very misunderstood by many so Body + Spirit = Soul we will primarily let the Strong’s dictionary followed by the Bible define what they are. Put simply, the Spirit is basically the BREATH of life from God. Both the Greek and Hebrew words translate “spirit” to “breath” or “air.” The Greek word “pneuma” is known by many of you in relation to things like pneumatic tools which are air driven or pneumatic tyres which means tyres inflated by air. As you can see, the word “pneumatic” originated from the Greek word “Pneuma” and means “breath” or “air.”

Death is a Sleep

Job 14:12 The dead “shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep” until “the heavens be no more.”
Psalms 13:3Lest I sleep the sleep of death.
Daniel 12:2Many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake.
Acts 7:60 When Stephen died, “he fell asleep.
John 11:11-14Lazarus sleeps … Jesus spoke of his death.
1 Corinthians 11:30; 15:6, 18, 51 Paul said death was “sleep.
1 Thessalonians 4:13-16 Those “which sleep in Jesus” will be resurrected.

via What Happens When We die – Truth About Death.

copied for educational purposes