Essential Survival Readings ~~ Health, Economics, Protection, Books, Education, Activism

This link will take you to all the essential survival readings, and links to protection you are going to need to survive longer. Also consider signing the petition. You can OPT OUT your signature publicaly. Look for important help and tips and the art of ‘knowing’ defining what not to do, how to act, react, and other fine pointers on terms i.e. Gang Stalking and Target. We want you to stop using those two last terms because ‘they’created these terms. Using them online and in public are depreimental to our survival. We are working hard behind the scenes to bring awareness to our plight by re-educating the public. Another generation, some now gone, learned the hard way. We are learning faster now, thanks to the Internet. But, you have to be wise, and know much of what you’ll find online was placed there to continue your entry into those ‘lists,’ and to occupy your essential time.

It’s vital you read these files for your health and finances. If you don’t it will only get worse for you.

1. Don’t move. Keep your money. Its expensive each time you move. They want you to move. It’s a part of ‘the program.’ Each time we move it depletes our finances which could go to protection. Each time we move it drains our emotionally and physcial wellness. This too is what ‘they’ want. Try to stay where you are. Use your money to get the protection for your home, body, and biological health. If you follow this alone, you have a better chance of survival.

2. Don’t tell the Police, or doctors. They’re part of ‘it.’


One thought on “Essential Survival Readings ~~ Health, Economics, Protection, Books, Education, Activism

Age of 666 Anti-Christ Synagogue of Satan Transhumanism Nanobots - Last Hour - Pole Shift Imminent - No one is going to Help You - They're in the DUMBs on Your Tax-dollars - by a NATION OF TREASONOUS TRAITORS

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