Asymmetrical Warfare Term used in latest L.A. Police Whistleblower Targeted Individual

The application of advanced computer technology and robotics have opened a chilling new phase in asymmetrical warfare, with predator drones controlled from half a world away unleashing deadly fire on unsuspecting targets, combatant or civilian, man, woman or child alike.

Christopher Dorner wages ‘asymmetrical warfare‘: A domestic terrorist per FBI (Photos)

Christopher Jordan Dorner during deployment.

He was former Navy. Asymmetrical Warfare is often used on Targeted Individuals.

The Beligerent Act passed 2012

As part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

Age of 666 Anti-Christ Synagogue of Satan Transhumanism Nanobots - Last Hour - Pole Shift Imminent - No one is going to Help You - They're in the DUMBs on Your Tax-dollars - by a NATION OF TREASONOUS TRAITORS

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