30-Year CIA Vet Talks False Flag At Brookings Institution

Jurriaan Maessen
February 8, 2013


Here the CIA-vet admits that the Algerian intelligence agency is in the business of “creating false flag terrorists”, and that this agency is “rumored” to have ties to terrorist attacks in North Africa. This statement is quite interesting, as the very concept of “false flag” is usually labeled as some outrageous conspiracy theory. We of course know that false flag terrorism is standard modus operandi of intelligence agencies all over the world. We are also aware of the fact that the Brookings Institution is one of the think tanks that warm to the idea of using false flag attacks to attain public support for an invasion of Iran.

Brookings Publication mentions possibility of ‘Horrific Provocation’ to Trigger Iran Invasion” I cover false flag proposals made by the Brookings Institute in their Which Path To Persia



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