DHS Declares Gun Owners Terrorist


Or, at least, the DHS wants to characterize you as a potential terrorist, anyway. …. “We want to move away from the politics of fear,” Napolitano declared last month to conservative, veteran, gun owner, right-to-life advocate and Christian.
Aug 24, 2012  Veterans are being targeted in aftermath of Homeland Security smear campaign  problems with authorities attempting to have them declared mentally ill. by the DHS to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans” in terrorist drills.  Obama’s Jihad onGun Owners See the rest on the Alex Jones YouTube channel.
Jul 5, 2012  The loose application of the word “terrorism” has led to DHS …. Any unconstitutional action you take on that account may cause many of us to declare the NRA Life Member, Gun Owners of America Life Member & NC Rifle 
Feb 11, 2011  DHS Declares War: “Homegrown Terrorists Fueled by the Internet” …..Burglars target homes of gun owners after their names and addresses 
Apr 21, 2009  George Washington (military veteran and gun owner); Mother Teresa terrorists on American soil, DHS, instead, has declared law-abiding 
The New Terrorists: ( A ccording to Obama’s D epartment of H omeland S ecurity ). 1 George Washington ( military v eteran and gun owner terrorist cells currently trainingterrorists on American soil, DHS, instead, has declared law- abiding 
Jul 4, 2012  Homeland Security Declares “Liberty Lovers” as Terrorists  the Department of Homeland Security characterizes Americans who are  alerts; guncontrol; …. We believe we are doing this in the spirit of the copyright owners‘ 
Aug 15, 2011  (GunReports.com) — Gunowners who buy full-capacity magazines Guess I’ve been a terrorist long before obama declared that I would …. Hey Cecil, since our esteemed Secretary of Homeland Security branded all of us gun 
Apr 17, 2009  While the document declares the Threat Analysis must be made in an…. my firearms in anger (to them, all gun-owners have killed someone).
Apr 14, 2009  Now, they declare vets to be potential terrorists, yet they refuse to use the  all goes down, they’ll be some of the first to pick up a gun and start shooting. …..tell the owner to remove his nations flag because it offends a Muslim.