Eugenic Clensing: Positive Story of Human Trafficking

China frees 24,000 abducted women, children in 2011

Validated Independent NewsDec 3, 2012

Trafficking of women and children is a serious problem in China.  In 2011 Chinese police rescued over 24,000 women and children who otherwise would have been sold for adoption or forced into prostitution, some as far away as Angola.

China’s Ministry of Public Security reported on its website that police across the country had rescued 8,660 children and 15,458 women in 2011–all victims of trafficking.  Those victims include more than 2,000 children who had been abducted and sold for adoption.  According to the same report, the Ministry of Public Security broke-up nearly 3,200 trafficking gangs in 2011.

China’s trafficking woes have been blamed on its “one-child” policy. Many Chinese families give up girls for adoption, because as daughters they will not carry on family names.


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  1. It is a sadness, thank you for this posting. As more people and women become educated and aware change will come. The sadness is the slowness of the process of change, perhaps with people like yourself informing others it will come quicker, again my thanks! Penny

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